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Read on this page everything about previous World Congresses of Regression Therapy

Theme: Transformation- The Moment of Inner Truth
Venue: Zoom
Dates: September 18 – 24, 2021

Pre-Congress Trainings
Marion Boon (Netherlands)
Polishing the Diamond of Your Soul
Hans Ten Dam (Netherlands)
Exploring Force Fields: A New Way to Explore and Heal the Soul
Maria Angelina Pereira (Portugal)
Transformation and Near Death Experience

Rob Van Aert (Netherlands)
Making A Living In Regression Therapy
Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkiye)
Reframing-Transformation Begins
Martin Roesch (Germany)
Cancer Patients: The hidden potential to Healing
Timm Christophel (Germany)
Using Regression Therapy Methods For Transformational Coaching
Isabel Berendsen (Netherlands)
Hormesis Of The Soul, Using Adversity To Grow
Adina Radulescu (Romania)
Activating the Self-Healing Potential of the Psyche: Regression Therapy and EMDR
Natwar Sharma (India)
Psychocytopatholgy of Diseases – The Link Between Modern Medical Science And Regression
Trisha Caetano (USA)
Beyond Transformation: Moving from Transformation to Transcendence
Leo Rutherford (UK)
Star Maiden Circle
Pavel Gyngazov (Russia)
Diving Into Past Lives Through Stopping Internal Dialogue
Victor Chirea (Romania)
Polarities as a Means of Transformation
Maarten Wiegmans (Netherlands)
Pregnancy And Birth From Your Soul
Tulin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkiye)
From Fragmentation To Integration
Jordan Campos (Brasil)
Epigenetic Regressions – Transforming Biological Past Lives
Janine Booij (Netherlands)
Transforming Body Parts: How To Communicate With Body Parts And Heal Problems

Dr. Kamla Nannan Panday-Jhingoeri (Surinam)
Cultural Influences on Psychiatric Disorders Experiences with Transpersonal Regression Therapy in the Psychiatric Practice

Theme: Transformation- The Moment of Inner Truth
Venue: Raddison Blue Resort, Goa
Dates: September 11 – 17, 2017

Pre-congress trainings
Trisha Caetano (USA)
Finding Creativity In The ‘Shadow
Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkiye) and
Marie-Ginette Rheault (France)
Psychobiology & Regression Therapy Decoding the Psychic Roots of Disease
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
The Subtle Crowbar: Regression as a craft and as a creative art

Helen Craven (UK)
Unlocking the Blocks for the Creation of a Healthy, Happy New Human Life
Athanasios Komianos (Greece)
The Box of Self-Treasures: Inviting inspiration to become part of your everyday life and the seed to your latent creative resources
Elena Ratnichkina (Russia)
Shamanism and Past Life Therapy: the Ecstatic Trance Method and Ritual Posture “The Feathered serpent” Group Ritual
Tülin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkey)
Creating Your Own Life Path
Marc Van Hecke (Belgium)
Regression Therapy With The Power of Intention: Possibilities With Newborn and Children
Prakriti Poddar (India)
Integrated Sound Pharmacy Therapy (ISPT): Therapy for Deeper Healing
Marion Boon (Netherlands)
The Courage of Creativity – A conscious soul Journeyback to the very origin of your individual self-consciousness
Juanita Puddifoot (UK)
Understanding the energy fields that interact with the client, therapist and other dimensions
Ameeta Sanghavi Shah (India)
Regression Therapy With NLP, Breath-Work, Perceptual Positions, Ancestral Clearing and Parallel Life Possibility
Dr. Sunita Patel (India)
Unlocking Your Inner Child with Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and Bodywork
Alfonso Crosetto (Italy)
Research on Past-Life Regression Using Magnetic Resonance
Aasha V. Warriar (India)
The Labyrinth – A portal into regression and healing
Sérgio Werner Baumel (Brazil)
Using Progression to Unfold Creativity – Integrating Past, Present and Future
Andy Tomlinson (UK)
Energy Techniques in Regression Therapy
Dr. Pavel S. Gyngazov (Russia)
Past life from conception until ‘afterdeath’: The principle of continuity in regression therapy
Dr. Natwar Sharma (India)
Cellular memories and Metaphors for diseases in Modern Medicine” How Cells Remember and Manifest Diseases
Kim Crosbie (Netherlands)
Beliefs, Multidimensional Self and the Creation of Reality

Theme: Mind Healing Body and Body Healing Mind in Regression Therapy
Venue: Hotel Santana, Porto, Portugal
Dates: October 4- , 2014

Pre-congress trainings
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
The Fırm Touch – Uncommon Body Techniques in Regression: Accident Trauma Release and Back Pressure
Christine Alisa (USA)
Past Life Therapy with Children and Adolescents
Trisha Caetano
How to incorporate specific, multi level healing methods into regression therapy

Andy Tomlinson (UK)
Using Body Therapy to clear Unexplainable Chronic Pain
Athanasios Komianos (Greece)
What is the Story behind Birthmarks and/or Birth Defects? Dynamics involved in the development of their formation
Diba Ayten Yılmaz (Turkiye)
How our Mind and Soul effect our Body Resolving the conflict and trauma behind the physical illnesses
Davidson Lemela (Brasil)
Past Life Regression Therapy for the healing of Depression physical symptoms
Yuvraj M Kapadia (India)
Choices and Consequences – The Body Mind Interplay
Neeta Sharma Kumar (India)
Conversation with Disease or Affected Organs
Aasha Warriar (India)
Cellular Rhythms in regression – a new paradigm to healing and integration
Heike Bettendorf (Spain)
ATR – Accident Trauma Release – Trauma release from physical ailments and after- effects of accidents and surgery
Marc Van Hecke (Belgium)
Regression with the Body Energy of Babies: About subconscious conversation and the power of intention
Rafael Couto Melsert (Brazil) and Miriam Regina Xavier de Barros (Brazil)
Biophotons – Light Field of Life in Regression Therapy
Paul Aurand (USA)

Soul Memories – Healing Mind and Body with Life Between Lives
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
Healing and Integrating Body Parts
Tulin Etyemez Schimberg (Turkey)
Trance Dance for Body and Soul Healing: how shamanic and DMP techniques can bring healing
Simone Einstoss Granado (Belgium)
Epigenetics Connection with Systemic Constellations and Regression Therapy – Science Proving Therapy
Jordan van der Zeijden Campos (Brasil)
Iridology & Regressive Therapy – Healing the mind trough the body: Human eyes reveal traumas, behaviours and new paths for Regressive Therapy
Pavel Gyngazov (Russia)
The Role of Mind for Body Healing during Regression Therapy Sessions
Marion Boon (Netherlands)
Mind in Survival, Body in Starvation – On Balance and Burdens – and the phenomenon of Eating Disorders

Prof. Jim Tucker (USA)
Birthmarks and Children’s Memories of Past Lives
Prof. Mario Simões (Portugal)

Consciousness-Body-Consciousness: Sensitive Inter actions
Prof. Julio Peres (Brazil)
The Brain – before and after psychotherapy

How Mind and Body Interact?
Moderator: Andy Tomlinson (UK) Panel members: Jim Tucker (USA), Julio Perez (Brazil), Mario Simões (Portugal), Hans TenDam (Netherlands)

Theme: Integration of Body, Mind and Soul
Venue: Pine Bay Hotel, Kuşadası, Turkiye
Dates: October 17-22, 2011

Pre-Congress Trainings
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
Transpersonal Integrations
Trisha Caetano (USA)
Integrating Psychosynthesis, Gestalt and Client-Centered Therapy in Regression Work

Barbara Pomar (USA)
How to succeed in Past Life Business, This Life
Yuvraj Kapadia (India)
Emotional Empowerment and Parallel Realities to Resolve Past Lives Issues
Jordan van der Zeijden Campos (Brasil)
Healing Panic by Regressive Therapy
Güzin Yener and Bilun Altunlu Armağan (Turkiye)
Integrating EMDR in Regression Therapy
Monique Houben and Karen Stemkens (Netherlands)
Integrating Body, Mind and Soul through Soul Regression
Bonnie Cripe (USA)
Regression Therapy with Traditional Clients
Diba Ayten Yılmaz (Turkiye)
The Correlations Between Body, Mind and Soul: How to Resolve the Emotional and Biological Conflicts and Trauma Behind the Illnesses
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer (USA)
Reconnection Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Self – After Trauma (PTSD)
Anita Groenendijk (Netherlands)
Muscle Testing: Finding Attached Energies and Past Life Information
Pavel Gyngazov (Russia)
Integrating Extraterrestrial Experiences
Andy Tomlinson & Reena Kumarasingham (UK)
Integration Methods with Regression Therapy for Healing
Neeta Yuvraj (India)
Role of Aura Photography in Regression Therapy
Juanita Puddifoot (UK)
Energy Drawings of Past Life Sessions & Experiential Energy Exercises
Milton Menezes (Brasil)
Finding and Integrating the Meaning of Life: Empowering Clients in Dark Times
Athanasios Komianos (Greece)
Hypnoscopesis: Integrating Ancient Therapeutic Techniques into Post-Modern Therapy
Walter Semkiw (USA)
Pearls from Ian Stevenson, Including Cases from Turkey
Roger Woolger (UK/Brasil)
Introducing Ancestral Field Work; the Broader Application of Mass Spirit Release for the Healing of the Planet
Newton Kondaveti / Lakshmi Gontu Venkata (India)
Reichian Character Structures and Processing and Integration of the Past Life Memories

Richard Stammler (USA)
Therapy and Experiences with Presences from Outer or Inner Earth

Debate 1
The Presence of Non-terrestrial and Intra-terrestrial Beings in Regression Therapy
Chair Person: Marina Paula Eberth
Panel Attendees: Marion Boon, Dorothea Fuckert, Richard Stammler, Pavel Gyngazov

Debate 2
The Phenomenon of Archetypes; Individual Consciousness – as a Part of Collective Consciousness
Chair Person: Bob Holmes
Panel Attendees: Hans TenDam, Roger Woolger, Trisha Caetano, Milton Menezes

Theme: Reconnecting: Overcoming Dissociation And Alienation
Venue: Mangarabita, Rio de Janerio
Dates: 4-7 September 2009

Joyce Z. Meyers (USA)
Reconnecting: Overcoming Dissociation and Alienation
Márcia Daian (Brasil)
The Insertion of Deep Memory Process – DMP by Roger Woolger in The Work of Family Constellations
Angelina Ahumada (México)
Five Powerful NLP Techniques for Connection in Past Fives: Learn Keys To Overcome Dissociation
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
Our Deepest Loneliness – Finding The Source And The Way Out
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer Ph.D. (USA)
Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Reconnection – After The Trauma
Newton Kondaveti (India)
The Role of Breathing in The Retrieval of Past-Life Memories & Releasement Of Deep-Rooted Traumas
Alice Cabral (Portugal)
Retrieval And Integration of The Different “Selves” in Children
Marion Boon (Netherlands)
Reconnection, Alienation and War Veterans: PTSS – The Warriors’ Woe
Anita Groenendijk (Netherlands)
Body Wisdom And Soul Retrieval
Mauro Kwitiko (Brasil)
Therapeutic Regression Using Spiritual Guides Or Mentors – Reincarnation Psychotherapy
Paul Aurand (USA)
Life Between Lives
Davidson Lemela
Past Life Therapy According To The Vision Of The Brazilian Society Of Past Life Therapy – SBTVP
Christine Alisa (USA)
The Time is Now – Regression Therapy With Children And Adolescents
Roger Woolger (UK)
The Hero Journey; Death, Individuation and Rebirth in Psychotherapy, Regression and Healing
Judith Benevides (Brasil)
Aligning the Soul – How To Use Spiritual Archetypes in Regression Therapy
Yuvraj  Kapadia (India)
Use Of Parallel Realities To Heal Emotional / Physical Traumas Arising From Unresolved Past Lives
Carol Bowman (USA)
Past Life Memories of Children: Opportunities For Healing The Soul
Aarti Khosla (India)
Karma: The Foundation of Regression Therapy. Different Kinds of Karma Linked To Levels Of The Spirit World – Clearing Karma
Marjorie Reinolds (Canada)
An Experiential Journey To The Hall Of Records Exploring Past Lives Through The Akashic Records

Research Panel
João Carvalho Neto (Brasil)
Transpersonal Psychoanalysis – Associating Psychoanalysis and Past Life Therapy
Walter Semkiw, M.D. (USA)
Objective Evidence of Reincarnation Featuring the Case of Alberto Santos-Dumont
Margarita Videnova-Lett (USA)
Quantum Approaches to Consciousness and Its Hypnotic State
Mirzna San Jose (Brasil)
Scientific Bases Of PLT
Mário Simões (Portugal)
Reliving and Imagining – How Soma React?

Venue: India
Dates: June 19-22, 2005

Congress Workshops
Charlene Ackerman, (USA)
Silent Regression Session: A Non-Invasive Hypno-Therapy Technique
Angelina Ahumada (Mexico)
Three Powerful NLP Techniques for Regression Therapists
Lucy Baker (Australia)
Clearing Decisions, Vows & Oaths from Past Lives
Saundra C. Blum MS, CHT, PLRT (USA)
Rediscovering Our Gifts From Ancient Times – Using Them In Present Globally
Dolores Cannon CHT, PLT, (USA)
Working with ET/UFO Abduction Cases And Alien Past Lives
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Choudhary (India)
Therapeutic Interventıon of Regression: Diagnosing & Treating Body Organs In Physical Illness
Anita Groenendijk (Netherlands)
The Use Of Muscle Testing/Kinesiology with Reincarnation Therapy
Pavel S. Gyngazov (Russia)
Human And Non-Human Reincarnations: Sequential or Random – Presentation of Original regression Therapy Technique “The Guide And The Wanderer”
Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia, B.Sc.(Micro-Biochem), D.B.M., C.Ht., (India)
Emotional Freedom Technique As An Adjunct To Pre, Post And Intra Regression Sessions For Emotional Stability
Dr. Newton Kondaveti (India)
Breath As An Invaluable Tool In Past-Life-Regression Field
Mary Lee Labay (USA)
Soul Retrieval During Past Life Regression
Charlotte Muthesius (Germany)
Training Regression Therapy In Groups: Emphasis On Pre & Perinatal Experiences
Prof. Dr. Horia Nità (Italy)
Emotional Hypnosis: A Way To Induce The Age And The Past Life regression
Dorothy Neddermeyer (USA)
Treating Abuse Trauma in Adults
Gayla Reiter, MS, CHT, Minister (USA)
Accessing Past Life Memories Using Toning, Colour And The Chakras To Heal Present Life Issues And Patterns
Mario Resende (Portugal)
Remote Healing In Regression Therapy: Techniques And Ethics To Help Others From Distance
Marjorie Reynolds (Canada)
Past Life Activities In The Astrological Chart
Walter Semkiw, MD, (USA)
Return of The Revolutionaries: Objective Evidence Of Reincarnation
Hans TenDam, C.P.L.T. (Netherlands)
Finding and Releasing Polar Past-Life Experiences In The Body
Andy Tomlinson (UK)
Energy And Body Awareness In Regression Therapy
Ilja Van De Griend (Netherlands)
Life-Between-Lives Regression Therapy

Panel Presenters

Research Panel
Shelly Kaehr (USA)
Beyond Reality: Evidence Of Parallel Universes
Milton Menezes (Brasil)
Character Traits And Values Systems During The Development And Treatment of Psychopathologies in Past Life Therapy
Rafael Melsert (Brasil)
Biophotons: Biological Lasers As A ‘Hardware’ Intermediating Rapport On Regression Therapy
Hans TenDam (Netherlands)
Anubhuti Rattan (India)

Spirituality Panel
Moderator – Sunny Satin (India)
Jorgen Sundvall (Sweden), Aarti Khosla (India), Joseph Costa (USA), Valerie Barrow (Australia), Hitomi Akamatsu (Japan)

Venue: The Netherlands
Dates:  2003                         

Henry Leo Bolduc (USA) & Marjorie Reynolds (Canada)
Designing a Past-Life Therapy Training
Carolyn Clark (Greece)
Integrating Past Lifetimes
Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. (India)
Indian Mystcism, Enlightenment, Karma Nullification and Past-Life Regression
Mary Lee LaBay (USA)
Family Dysfunction and Pre-Birth Choices
Júlio Peres, M.D. (Brazil)
Neurophysiologic Researches in Past Life Therapy
Prof. Mário Simões, Ph.D., M.D (Portugal)
Psychophysiology and Neuro-Endocrinology in Regression Therapy
Michael Pollack, Ph.D. (USA)
The Road to Forgiveness
Dr. Joel Abreu (Portugal)
Regression Work Between Therapy Sessions
Chris Alisa (USA)
Regression, Gestalt and Play Therapy for Children and Adolescents
Linda R. Backman, Ed.D. & Arthur E. Roffey, Ph.D (USA)
Life-Between-Lives Regression
Janet Cunnigham, Ph.D. (USA) with Marion Boon, Joe Costa & Andreas Gosztonyi
Panel on Regression Therapy and Spirituality
Els Geljon (Netherlands)
The Unwholesome Family Legacy: Obsession Through Generations
Jan Erik Sigdell (Slovenia)
Emotional Reliving, Release and Reconciliation
Angelina Ahumada Marroquin (Mexico)
Three Powerful NLP Techniques for Regression Therapists
Anja de Bruijne (Netherlands)
Resolving Male Sexual Problems
Terumi Okuyama M.D. (Japan)
Dialogue within the Light
Charlotte Muthesius, HP (Germany)
Configuring Past Lives in Groups
Walter Semkiw, M.D
The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited
Dr. Pavel Gyngazov (Russia)
The Guide and the Wanderer
Drs. Jos Hermans (Belgium)
Statistical Research on 300 Regressions
Yoshiko Matsumura (Japan)
Effective and Fast Spirit Releasement: Integrating Regression, NLP and the Milton Model
Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D. (India)
Indian Mystcism, Enlightenment, Karma Nullification and Past-Life Regression
Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, MSW, CSW, CCH, CRT (USA)
Treating Sexual Abuse Trauma
Andy Tomlinson (UK)
New Techniques in Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.)
Roger Woolger
The Deep Memory process

Panel chaired by Trisha Caetano on the international development of the field: the next 25 years. Members: Charlotte Muthesius, Jan-Erik Sigdell, Mário Simões, Roger Woolger

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