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The Mystery of Water – What we know is a drop.

Had you ever thought how serious a factor the drinking water is? Did you ever consider how fundamental is the quality of water? Here is a new look at H2O which is really surprising. Not only Masaru Emoto’s experiments are a breakthrough. The whole way it is studied now is far different than before. Conventional scientists discovered that we know too little about water. The most interesting fact is that water is informed and can be influenced by external factors such as thoughts and feelings. Imagine you can influence the water you drink. Water remembers and alters behaviour.
Think about all these factors and more when you drink water again?

Water burns? Water has a memory? Water can be effected by cell phones? It seems that there is much more to know about water than what we are taught about in science class at school. In this video you will learn about how water is effected by electricity and microwaves and that the water will carry that information and pass it along to other water. You will learn about an Austrian inventor by the name of John Grander who invented a way to “revitalize” dead water.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)