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“Have I been here before?”

Wandering in the jungles of YouTube anyone can find jewels related to our profession. During many years of research I found wonderful videos concerning our work and mostly evidence for reincarnation. Most of these videos are uploaded on our own website and can be watched online right here. But no matter how much one searches sometimes he or she loses the target. To make a long story short, about two months ago I ran into a TV series which is all uploaded on YouTube. The title of the series Have I Been Here Before? was an ITV daytime program, presented by Phillip Schofield, made by ITV Productions.

The program offered celebrity guests the chance to see if they have lived before, in a past life. The celebrities were regressed by hypnotherapist Andrea Foulkes (not an EARTh member), and in the process they often revealed some deeply intimate thoughts about their current lives. The director is using a lot of sensational effects, spooky music and animations to keep the viewer’s interest alive. Then Jules Hudson, a qualified historian and archaeologist, investigates the historical accuracy of each regression, to establish any credibility for the past life recounted. The most amazing part is that in most cases the historical details which were revealed during regression have in some cases extreme, even almost complete match. It is surprising that the “experts” of “psychology”, who always comment on these sessions, do not comment on the integrity of the story or its historical validity. Are they avoiding coming into terms with overwhelming realities?

The presenter Phillip Schofield then reveals the results of the investigation to the celebrities, and discusses any effects they felt the experience has had on their lives. One more thing is that on the list below you will see that almost all of today’s celebrities were mundane, poor, suffering and unknown people during their sessions. Another interesting fact is that even if there were complete historical matches some of the remigrants had severe difficulty in accepting the reality of reincarnation, just as what happens in our therapy rooms. As for the induction method I think Andrea Foulkes is using an identical hypnotic induction for each remigrant, with relaxation which leads to the long “corridor of past lives” with doors to the left and right, which lead to past lives. She seems to be handling the regression pretty well and moves from significant to significant event till the death scene. She is also after historical details, names, streets, addresses, occupations, statuses and so on. To me it is surprising that in such a large sample of regressions there was no anomaly and everything was so neatly and orderly done. Did those anomalies not occur, or did they happen but were not shown to the public? It seems that there was high interest in the series because they made a second one as well (which is not uploaded on YouTube yet). In total 34 celebrities were regressed. That is certainly a great promotion of our profession in England. The question is this: Is the Media watching into past-life therapy with a not so biased negative way, at least in Great Britain? See for yourselves… The celebrities who took part in Series 1 and their former lives were: Neil Fox, A lute-playing carpenter; Anneka Rice, A 16 year old stowaway; Jane McDonald, A dancer in an Arabian palace; Linda Lusardi, A 14th century peasant; Lisa I’Anson, An Italian monk; Jonathan Coleman, An 18th Century sailor; Jennie Bond, An 18th century destitute girl; Joe Pasquale, A soldier in World War I; Nicola Wheeler, A soldier in 1804; Toyah Willcox, An anchoress in 15th Century Holland; Cheryl Baker, A 19th Century carpenter; Ann Maurice, A Roman Centurion; Melinda Messenger, A weeping old woman; Anne Charleston, A poor Irish farm girl; Coleen Nolan, A nervous 16 year old debutante; Tina Baker, An elegant Victorian woman; Denise Welch, A farm girl living in Devon; Sarah Greene, A young girl, who is forced into slave labour; Shaun Williamson, A 14th Century knight; Suzanne Shaw, A frail girl, living in the shadow of her sister.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)