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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Laura Daggers-de Koning

Van den Berghlaan 535 2132AP Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Telephone: +031235617806


She has worked with past life regression therapy since February 2010. She studied since 2002 at the Dutch school – S.R.N. and at Hans ten Dam’s Dutch school Tasso. And did several sessions and the masterclasses of Pieter Wierenga’s in Zwolle.
She is a professional member of the NVRT in The Netherlands.
She works with clients – in English – from countries all over the world.
She also was – from 2010 until 2013 – the coordinator of “The Dutch Chapter” of the Earth association.
Regression- and Reincarnationtherapy
“Take a few steps backwards for a preparation for a better life’.
The live that yóu want, and not somebody elses life.
Assuming that every problem has a course, we look in the subconscious and
make you aware, make you consious.With reincarnation therapy we don’t do hypnosis, but a light trance.
During the session you will be here as well as over there, were the problem is.
Afterwards you will remember everything that has been done.
Is it necessary to believe in reincarnation or regression to get results? No.
You are not having therapy to unlearn something, but to find back your skills that you have lost on the way.For what complaints?
Voices in your head
Fear of flying, fear of water
Feeling a stranger in your own body
Not feeling at home in this world
Obsessive energy from others
Sudden fears
Physical and psychological complaints that cannot be resolved by the medical world.

Reaction of a client

“Laura works in a relaxed playful way. In a pleasant way that feels close,
so you will naturally be closer to yourself and to your own feelings. And in the next step also closer to feelings that, long ago, you put aside, the ones you did not want to feel. To much hurting.
I came into contact with my bright rebellious child, the one that long ago, had stopped giving her confidence to adults, and did not even feel bad. I could just my rebellious child and payed attention to that.
Now in daily life a recognize the things earlier that I don’t want, and now I dare to react much earlier.
For me that brightens the situation enormously. The session was almost like two curious children crawling thogether through the hole in the hedge. So relaxing that you finally dare to say what you’ve always wanted to say, what you could not, would not or dared not to say. That you dare to show yourself. And know that is oké.
She gave me the feeling that she is not avoiding anything.
Not afraid of nothing.

Mode of therapy

Reincarnation- and

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)