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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Amit Kapadia – Bio


Name: Amit Kapadia


Principal Trainer: Trisha Caetano

Member Type: Professional

Date of Birth: 04th Day of July 1975.

Located at: Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

In the Field: Since 2003 {previously trained Finance for 16 years}


Life Shapers Integrated Healing & Mind Training Centre in 2011

Amit Kapadia’s initiative for Human Wellness

Working as:

Regression Therapist & Transformational Coach

Organization Type:

Scientific Healing & Training Solutions for Under Performance, Success Lack, Strained Relationships, Unexplained Pains, Undesirable Behaviours, Unlikeable Patterns & varied Life Issues


Willing – Individuals, Families, Professionals, Business Owners, Corporates, Communities & Institutions

Solutions Through:

Workshops & Training Programs, Consultations & Therapy Programs, Personal Coaching Programs & Products

Modus Operandi:

Resolving Invisibles – Our realities are determined by our own invisibles like multiple inner programs of past, unresolved hurts and traumas, motives, emotions, feelings, beliefs, attitude and even more. Fortunately these subconscious decisions can be changed by experiencing, understanding and by resolving the original source of decision formation. Life Shapers facilitates resolution of these invisibles to definitely raise life to next desired level.

Integrated Modalities:

Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Gestalt, Family & Organizational Constellation, Metaphor Therapy, Psychosynthesis, Psychocybernetics, Energy work, Laws of Success, Laws of Relationships, Leadership and other subjects of Spiritual Orientation.

Why Amit?

Amit’s natural talents are highest on interpersonal, logical and intrapersonal dimensions of multiple intelligence spectrums which make him a gifted healer, an engaging presenter and a dynamic speaker; his unique teaching and command over 4 languages leaves a powerful and ever-inspiring influence on learners. Amit’s unique skills of empathetic listening, analytical relating and a keen sense of observation empower him to establish a cause-effect relationship that functions behind a human psyche. His profound knowledge with experiential insights makes him proficient to decode and fix up the puzzles of inner invisible world of subconscious to result an almost instantTransformation.

Contact {cell}: +91 98204 90504

Contact {fax}: +91 22 2102 0104


Office no. 301, Level 3, Vidya-Vihar Bldg., Derasar Lane, Ghatkopar East. Mumbai – Maharashtra – India. Pin: 400077
Amit’s Personal Message: “One who becomes Aware, Willing and Acts with Determination always changes the game called LIFE”.

Wishing you a truly Resolved Life!!!

Verified publication:

Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)