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Speaking my truth

Date: 22.06.2014

A stomach disorder was one of the symptoms that persuaded Eva to choose regression therapy. More than that, she just did not feel free and authentic in herself. ‘I did not speak my truth’ she claims. Read her own words as she describes the difference that regression to a past life made for her.

Eva age 37, from Romania.

(name has been changed)

How it all began for me? I was always drawn to spiritual and psychological paths to know and understand myself and life better. In march 2013 I was going to some sessions of coaching and psychology counseling and my psychotherapist, who knew my interest in trying regression (because we have discussed about some issues that seemed to exceed the causes of this life history) she  told me about a very good regression therapist and recommended him as a very serious and professional person.

I chose Regression Therapy and especially Past Life Therapy because I felt my life was blocked on many levels and I had some somatic disorders that traditional medicine could not find cure for. I believe in the psycho-emotional and spiritual causes of diseases and I have found some causes and discussed some issues with my psychotherapist, but we knew that I needed more and PLT seemed to be the solution that resonated with me.

I contacted the regression therapist, I saw a documentary (movie) prepared by EARTH Association and read some documents he gave me.

The issues I was hoping to find solutions for through PLT were:

1.      I had a stomach somatic disorder that manifested by sudden bloating and belching in certain emotional and psychic states; by that time, I had discovered most of the emotional and state of mind etc. situations when my somatic disorder manifested, I have tried medication prescribed by a doctor, with no effects. The only thing that worked seemed to be to work with myself to recognize each situation in which I reacted like that and after understanding it the somatization began to withdraw, sometimes immediately;

2.      I had a problem with a “rejection wound” that I had discovered with my psychotherapist and with the help of my own research, basically started with my mother, from not wanting to have me up to excessive criticism and coldness with me (as I felt it); this seemed to affect all my relationships, especially with men and because of that I was in need to be approved, appreciated and I did not chose freely, but dictated by my need to feel safe, to get guarantees that I am not rejected. I did  a lot of things to protect my mother and to gain her love and approval and I gained some habits in my all kind of relationships (with men and friends, relatives etc) in which I felt I was not free, I sacrificed myself for their own good, I put myself last, I tried to save them and help, but I was not authentic and free, I didn’t speak my truth, I had a problem in doing and saying NO, in saying what I wanted and what I didn’t want;

The specifics issues when I experienced that somatization were especially when I was bothered by something and did not say anything about it and assumed responsibility for others, I took over their pain to suffer, problems to solve, found excuses for their shameless acts, assumed too much things to do and feel,

3.      The first two issues were the main ones that I chose to address with PLT in the sessions with the regression therapist, but I have touched other secondary aspects in the first and second session I had (I had only two sessions, one in March 2013 and the other in July 2013): I had thyroid nodules, I  started to put on weight especially in the last years, I had developed a an allergy (hay fever), I had a feeling that I felt unsecure in my life, that everything was overwhelming me, my work, life events, I was taken by surprise by them, although somehow prepared for them J ; I have found some hobbies and felt I wanted and I could do more with them, but somehow I postponed doing more (painting, writing, trying to play as an actress) also, secondary issues: uterus fibroma, back pain, knees small pain; sadness/loneliness;

In both sessions I visited the same past life when I had suffered a series of trauma, losing parents and sister and all my family, one by one until the age of 20, something that the PLT therapist called “the type of trauma like a hangover”. I felt lonely and overwhelmed. I had developed the habit since very young in that life to assume responsibility for others, taking over and assuming a lot of pain, sadness, sufferance of my parents, as if by feeling the pain of my loved ones, I could take it from them and make their lives easier. Because of that, I developed a strange sense of duty, feeling responsible for everything, as if I could control life itself and that is why I felt overwhelmed, I started living an unauthentic life, because I tried to protect others and that’s why I did things for them and not do what I wanted. I felt alone and rejected. I have also experienced beautiful moments, that became resources for me, with the help of the therapy.

The images were not always clear, and I had moments when it seemed my imagination is playing games, but still, I could never find in my memory images and feelings and stories like that, not even by mixing separate situations or images.

The most powerful thing for me were the feelings – it seems amazing how strong they can come, although guided and tempered with the help of the therapist, still very strong, as if lived again. The happiest moments were very clear as images and had a specific golden colour t hat I had recognized from this life.

The insights I gained from this experience: I understood aat a very profound level that nobody did something bad to me on purpose, my mother and father did the best they knew; It became easier for me to see everything from another persons’perspectivive and really be compassionate and understand (PLT was for me much more powerful in doing that than NLP, for instance, which seemes superficial after trying PLT; PLT goes deeper, more powerful); it was easier for me to feel that  I am a special wonderful being worthy of all the best; I felt it was OK to be rejected and felt OK with me rejecting others and felt OK and authentic doing that, kindly and gently; I started expressing myself in an authentic way in all my relationships and with myself, started to recognize immediately what I wanted, what I didn’t want and act accordingly, put myself first in a very healthy manner.

The most beautiful and helpful thing for me is that all the experience gave me new perspective over life and death and trust in the process, feel protected and powerful and that is part of my most important search in life – the spiritual. It helped me see the spiritual in eating a fruit and in every action I did and in every experience and helped me see life and people with new eyes – the eyes of love and compassion and everything seemed to take a rightful place and space.

My relationship with my mother is 180 degrees different, almost 100% authentic and so are the rest of the relationships
– still learning, but this is the most important and fabulous transformation. Looking at this from „the Law of Attraction” perspective or „mirroring” (from psychology) in my life, especially in the end of the summer of 2013 and autumn things started to precipitate as I integrated more and more, persons starded even to dissapear from my life, from just not spending time together up to dying or completely reseting the rules and ways of communicating. This was, also, one of the best aspects in my life that I know were helped drastically by my PLT experience.

Each change I experienced is connected to the others and once I improved an aspect of my life, others started to improve, even if i didn’t specifically mentioned them as a declared purpose when started the PLT sessions.

I am cured 99% from my stomach disorder (it still goes on when I experience phisical stress or discomfort sometimes) and 99% with my allergy (experienced when work, stress and life events overwhelmed me and took me by surprise). With my stomach it went „by itself”. For the allergy I went to a physician that is specialised in natural herb healing, but I was almost healthy by that time (I see the appearance of this doctor as an integration of the PLT, because I was blocked in going to such a doctor for 2 or 3 years, since the problem first appeared).

My thyroid nodules stopped developing and even decreased.

During therapy sessions it was amazing how I discovered that emotions used to be felt in certain parts of the body and most of them were identical with the ones where I felt my somatic disorders or pain or sufferance. Also, it was amazing how multiple emotions placed themselves in the same body part and how it explained the multiple causes for my somatic reactions with the stomach (same somatic reaction to different emotions or situations, event though in the end they seemed to have something in common:  the fact I didn’t express what I needed or wanted).

I gave priority to my souls desires and got more involved in my hobbies and passions: painting (I have now 4 amazing pieces of art, had found time for that, despite my demanding work as a lawyer); acting (taking acting lessons with the finality of playing on stage, with public; writing stories for children; my work improved, I am beter organized and I respect my personal time more.

The most difficult part for me in these sessions was the long hours (the sessions were very long), but I know it was the best rithm for me – only it is was a little tiring. Sometimes I found moments of doubting the process and it all faded away.

So, in the end I want to add that my life is much better in so many ways, I have better relationships of all kind, I go through life with much joy, I feel better in my body, I am healthier, I take care of my soul, spirit, body and emotions, I feel free, I feel authentic, I do and say what I want and what I don’t want and what I feel, I communicate better, in a gentle and true way and I express my emotions easily, as they are.

I think PLT really works, as one very powerful method – it helps curing phisical diseases and emotional problems sometimes faster than medicine or normal psichotherapy sessions (at least this is what it did for me).

I am not saying it is the best method, it is just a very good one and maybe the best in a lot of cases and for people who resonate with it, as long as they resonate with it.

For me the results I wrote above are clearely in connection with the sessions I experienced, even if the method didn’t do alone all the transformation and most of the work started before with other methods and with my own research and search. But the speading up of the healing process in all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level is certainly due to PLT and huge amount of the insights and changes I have experienced.

I would like to express my special thanks to my therapist in PLT, who was very professional and very connected to the client and guided me in a great manner, very careful to extract the best resources for my healing in this life.

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Sjoerd Bruijnen