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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

WEBINAR Future life progression

Ruxandra Bulzan This workshop is designed to provide regression therapists with a comprehensive understanding of this therapeutic technique. It’s an opportunity to expand your therapeutic horizons, gain new insights, and […]

WEBINAR Overcoming Shame

Hans ten Dam Feelings of guilt and shame are reactions on having done wrong or not having done the right thing. Something we would like to have never happened, would […]

WEBINAR Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release

David Furlong This webinar explores the themes of spirit attachment and spirit release. It is an introduction to the therapeutic issues that arise when imbalances occur between the psyche, soul […]

WEBINAR Tension and Trouble

Vitor Rodrigues In this webinar we will be dealing with tensions in the body, energy tensions and psychological tensions in between. The theme is not new – but perhaps there […]