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Estafet 8 | Video Interview with David Graham

Past lives, future lives and extraterrestrials! Stay tuned for more Estafet videos…   Transcript ANNA:Hello everyone and welcome to our next episode of Estafet for EARTh. And today, we have […]

Estafet 6 | Video Interview with Mario Resende

Estafet 6 video interview with Mario Resende

During this interview, Mario Resende talks about an interesting case, well, actually two cases. To read more about them, please see the end notes of the transcript file. Stay tuned […]

Estafet 1 | Video Interview with Rob Van Aert

EARTh Estafet Video Interview with Rob Van Aert Years ago, when EARTh was a young association, Anita Groenendijk and Yasemin Tokatli started out an initiative called Estafet* which was a series of interviews in our newsletter that […]