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Wendy Gillissen: Past Lives and Reincarnation

Wendy Gillissen: Past Lives and Reincarnation

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Last year, when we launched the Special Interest Survey to start mapping where your interests lie, we were amazed and inspired to read your many passionate responses. Many of you have special interest areas or you combine Regression Therapy with other techniques that have led to insights or novel approaches that other therapists might benefit and learn from. To that purpose we are inviting colleagues that filled out the survey, to write an article about the special techniques they use and/or combine with Regression Therapy. Read on for such an article, by Wendy Gillissen We hope there will be many to come. If you haven’t yet completed the survey, you can do so here: EARTh Special Interest Survey .

Isabel Berendsen on behalf of The Research Committee


Past lives and reincarnation have always been natural concepts for me. As a child, I was aware of the existence of past lives, and thinking about the nature of death, the afterlife, and the meaning of life. But I studied Clinical psychology before starting my practice for Past life therapy, thinking it would give me a solid footing as a therapist.

Luckily I did so when there were still professors at University teaching about the role of the subconscious. Knowing about its vast part in human behaviour, the defence mechanisms we use and the survival strategies we develop has been a big help in my work as a past life therapist. I established my practice in 2002, and began working fulltime in 2005.

When I was still studying psychology, I got acquainted with psychological astrology. It is a form of astrology that can tell you and your client a lot about their personality, potential, and possible problems arising from ancestral influences, the astral plane, in utero experiences and past lives. I always make a personal chart for my clients to use during the intake interview if I can. It helps gain quick and deep insight into a client’s personality and issues, it helps break the ice and can provide a basis for a good working relationship because it can also be lots of fun. Clients tell me they feel seen and understood by using the birth chart this way. They can gain a lot of insight as well, before regression sessions have even begun. The chart remains a helpful tool during subsequent sessions because it helps pinpoint and illustrate issues and personality traits.

During regression session to past lives, other planes and dimensions of being, and present life, I always make sure to assist clients in sensing and locating energy: whether it be their own repressed energy, emotions, and qualities, or those that are not their own. I help them access those by letting them picture them as colours, feeling them in the body, and giving them a voice. When during trauma, energies or qualities are swapped, for instance during abuse and violent encounters, I help them check whether they have traded energies with the perpetrator and reverse that process. I help them take back their power, innocence, trust, joy, and whatever else they may have lost, and release the aggression, distorted lust, anger, low self-esteem of the perpetrator and whatever else they may have taken on board.

Because I attract many clients that, like myself are highly sensitive, empathic and have origins and lives in non-human realms, like the angelic, extra-terrestrial and elemental realms, I often conduct sessions to the primal trauma of incarnation. It can be traumatic for people to enter the incarnating process as human beings, but for those who have lived for ages in the ethereal realms it can be even more so. Because of their compassion and natural state of being One with All, they tend to go into shock and take on board the suffering of the world even before they land in a human body for the first time. Treating this and helping them reconnect consciously to their Higher Being and Source is tremendously helpful.
Also, sabotage by negatively motivated beings during the incarnation process is quite common with angelic incarnations, with energetic implants, intrusion and trickery by demonic beings or parasitic entities occurring often. It is vital to clear these energetic intrusions as well.
Teaching highly sensitive clients that even though they can sense the pain and feelings of others does not mean they are responsible for them is often vital. I always make sure they understand that to stand tall, use their qualities for the good of all and shine, instead of taking on the suffering of others, is the best way to realise their mission on earth.

A technique I sometimes use in addition to regression with clients who have great difficulty with regression or have extremely persistent negative and fear-based beliefs based on past-or present life trauma, is theta healing. With theta healing it is possible for the therapist to go into a theta trance state themselves, contact the Higher Being or Self of the client, and replace negative beliefs with healthy beliefs that serve their wellbeing at a core cellular level. Theta healing can also be used for very young children and even animal companions. The important thing with changing beliefs through theta trance is to find the core belief, a bit like a house of cards. If you can find the bottom card, you can topple the entire negative belief system – which can set the client free quite quickly. Finding the core belief, together with the client through asking questions and muscle testing, can be painstaking sometimes. But the end result is worth it.

Recently I have also begun doing regression therapy with young children via the parent. The child is not physically present, but we contact them and their higher Self through the parent. It is comparable to Family Constellations, but taking it a step further into an actual regression session. This can be especially useful when the child Is very young, or suffers from the effects of severe trauma that might be too difficult to process fully at that age. It can also be used to help the child release energetic implants, negative energy, entities and energy parasites of all kinds. The results are immediate and can be quite amazing. To be able to work long distance with children this way, it is vital to have a good working relationship with the parent. Of course we also ask for consent from the child.

Apart from therapeutic ‘’techniques’’, to my mind there is one thing that may be most important of all when conducting therapy. That is for a practicing therapist, whatever tools we use, to be authentically present, without interference from our own ego. To be as close to being 100% real and ‘’what you see is what you get’’ as we can be, without pretence, while remaining professional. To act from compassion. To be truly present, with discernment, and without judgement.

What is needed to act from compassion will change from situation from situation and from client to client. Sometimes it means using humour to shake a client out of victim mentality and help them access their connection to Source and their higher Self. Sometimes it means being firm and help them access uncomfortable truths. It will always mean creating a safe space for them to be vulnerable and access their subconscious, their true thoughts and raw emotions. Whatever form compassion and therapeutic measures take, it will always have to be for the higher good of the client.


© Wendy Gillissen, M.A. 2018

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