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Sigrid Lindemann: The nonhuman song in the human

Sigrid Lindemann: The nonhuman song in the human

Dear reader,

Last year, when we launched the Special Interest Survey to start mapping where your interests lie, we were amazed and inspired to read your many passionate responses. Many of you have special interest areas or you combine Regression Therapy with other techniques that have led to insights or novel approaches that other therapists might benefit and learn from. To that purpose we are inviting colleagues that filled out the survey, to write an article about the special techniques they use and/or combine with Regression Therapy. Read on for such an article, by Sigrid Lindemann. We hope there will be many to come. If you haven’t yet completed the survey, you can do so here: EARTh Special Interest Survey .

Isabel Berendsen on behalf of The Research Committee


The nonhuman song in the human

It seems an inherent human quality to carry a nonhuman energy pattern.

Homeopathy is healing with information carried by a mineral, a plant, or an animal substance (and a few other sources), based on quantum physics.

Humans do carry energy of a non- human  energy pattern, which – as provings of homeopathic remedies show – provoke specific individual thoughts, feelings,  physical and general symptoms.

As a homeopath practicing the Sankaran- approach, I  do observe and discern the non human energy in the human, and mirror this information by administering the respective homeopathic remedy.

Interestingly, many people are naturally aware of their nonhuman energy pattern, or can access this information with skilled facilitation rather easily.

This healing modality could just be an interesting speculation, a guesswork, or a kind of shamanism. But homeopathy is based on the treasure of 250 years of documentation of “symptoms in body, mind and spirit” collected and reconfirmed in provings and clinical cases. Right now homeopaths can choose between 5000 remedies. Luckily today extensive software does help with case analysis. However, in Sankaran`s method the focus in case taking is the journey to the “non human healing substance” itself. Many a times both approaches  – the analytical study and the inner knowing – clearly coincide. But let results speak – people heal from severe psychiatric disorders, autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases and even hayfever. The homeopathic information – the remedy- presses the button for “selfhealing” by addressing the blueprint of the body, that consciousness which informs the body to constantly re-configure.


The Sankaran – method is an integration and combination of “classical” knowledge of homeopathy and regressiontherapy – its actually a regression to “the nonhuman in the human”. Fascinating!

A  therapeutic journey “channeling the healing substance” already heals and transforms – without actually ingesting the remedy. The remedy, the  stimulus for selfhealing, can so easily be repeated by just taking the constitutional remedy again. And again. For a life time. It`s easy.


In terms of research in consciousness, homeopathy is mapping the information field, and human experience,  of every nonhuman substance – mineral, animal and plant on earth – and even beyond. A rather big research…


Personal experience

I was given my “non human substance” in 1987, and still use it. That`s what triggered my curiousity and study since. I have been practicing “Sensation Method” – working with “The other song” since 2000, daily, and documented with 90 video cases. I am teaching this deep approach to healing since 2004 in Germany for homeopathic practitioners and doctors.

Only in 2009 I started with hypnotherapy, and 2013 transpersonal regression therapy with EKAA and TASSO. It was immediately obvious that both modalities work with similar methods but towards a different aim: one heals the human story – one addresses the nonhuman.


In practice: Combining homeopathy and transpersonal regression therapy

I cannot imagine practicing transpersonal regression therapy without awareness of the “non human energy pattern” – it just overlaps.

Often I start with homeopathic casetaking  a 2 hrs session, which beside the regression to the nonhuman and the homeopathic constitutional remedy,  gives me a map of the human drama, and pointers to where trauma, inner child and pastlife are unresolved. After confirming the remedy and its healing action, regression sessions advance and deepen the evolution of the client. The homeopathic treatment does help greatly by integrating the shifts due to the regression session. Of course, vice versa works well too: Usually any Tasso regression session gives enough information to prescribe the socalled “constitutional remedy”, after confirming a few more details with homeopathic background knowledge.

In trauma, near – death, and clearminded states the nonhuman  energy surfaces, and eventually assures survival of the human.


Sigrid Lindemann,

Lives and practices in Auroville, India, the biggest intentional community worldwide, with 3000 people from 53 countries, for over 20 years. She spends 4 months a year in Germany  teaching homeopathy in workshops and intensives, starting to teach transpersonal regression therapy.

Homeopathic practitioner, Faculty with WISH,

Studied TASSO with Dr. Yuvraj Kappadia, EKAA,  Hans Tendam and Marion Boon, TASSO International, finalizing EKAA- TASSO teacher training,  



WISH-   World institute Sensation method Homeopathy

Academy “the other song”



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Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)