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Research on “Primary Dysmenorrhea”
with Regression Therapy

 Primary Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain)

Inclusion Criteria: Female clients with Primary Dysmenorrhea from age of 18 to menopause.

Investigation: gynecological examination and/or ultrasound… Client’s doctor evaluation should be primary dysmenorrhea.

Exclusion Criteria: 

–       Inflammation

–       Chocolate cyst

–       Endometriosis

–       Using contraception

–       Hormonal spirals

–       Secondary Dysmenorrhea

Prevalence: Dysmenorrhea is estimated to affect 70-93% young woman.

Symptoms: Discomfort may begin the day preceding and continue during the initial 24-48 hours of menses.

Problems outside dysmenorrhea: Nausea, Weakness, Diarrhea, vomiting, depression, headache, dizziness, tension, constipation, perspiration, muscle cramps, bloating, cold sweats, hot flashes, fatigue, Muscle stiffness

Pain can be cyclic, acyclic, and/or accompanied by urinary or bowel symptoms.

Measurements During The Research:

  • Scale of Pain level (before the menstruation, during the menstruation)
  • Scale of Quality of Life (before the menstruation, during the menstruation)

Frequency of the Measurements (Collecting the Scales) During the Research:

  1. After the doctor check (receiving the doctor’s written opinion); during the first visit of the client to the regression therapist; after receiving the signed informed consent.  
  2. After the first menstruation of the female client.
  3. Six menstruations after to see the continuation of the effectiveness of the regressions.

How to find clients: 

–       Connecting with previous clients.

–       Sending emails to the previous clients.

–       Facebook, Instagram announcements for the research.

–       EARTh website / Facebook /Instagram announcements, leaflets.

–       Instagram / YouTube /Facebook live talks of the research group about the research and the topic.

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For details and information please write to:
Tulin Etyemez Schimberg