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Research on ‘Primary Dysmenorrhea’ with Regression Therapy

This is an ongoing research project. Please click for more information on research documentation on exploration to alleviate menstrual pain.

The Clients Experience Survey: 
Does Regression Therapy Make a Difference?

The Client Experience Survey was a very wide based research study that sought to explore a range of effects and outcomes as a result of clients’ experiences of regression therapy.  Data was collected via an on-line questionnaire and included questions about clients’ original motives for engaging in regression therapy, the benefits achieved, whether any other treatment, therapy or medication was being taken for the presenting problems or symptoms, and further basic client details including: age range, occupation, religion, marital status and education.

EARTh Special Interest Survey

This Research Report provides an overview of intentions and findings associated with the EARTh Special Interest Survey. A survey launched in May 2017 by the EARTh Research Committee in order to determine problem areas specialized in by Regression Therapists, and other methods and techniques which they integrate within their practice of Regression Therapy. The survey had a global reach and responses were received from 105 therapists in 28 countries.

Research Study: 
What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy

This Research Report conveys a range of findings determined from a research study conducted with 15 regression therapists who were dominantly members of EARTh (80% EARTh, 20% non-EARTh). The topic of the study was, ‘What Does Not Work in Regression Therapy’ and the data was collected via questionnaires. The intention of this study was to generate data on this particular topic which would contribute to the field of knowledge within regression therapy also creating a reflective awareness about practice. The findings were analysed using simplified versions of thematic and content analysis.