Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Recognized Training Programs & Trainers

Regression therapists who have graduated at the following training programs meet the requirements set by EARTh for professional members. Students at those training programs can apply as a student member. Graduated therapists from these schools can apply as members without further screening.

Recognized Training Programs

Academie Transpersoonlijke Regressie België (Academy Transpersonal Regression Belgium)  (Rita Geysens – Belgium)

AlmaSoma Instituto Transpessoal – Formação de Técnicas de Psicoterapia Transpessoal (Ilja van de Griend & Mário Resende – Portugal)

Ausbildunginstitut für Regressions- und Reinkarnationstherapie (Christoph & Chanda von Keyserlingk – Germany) nach der Methode CCKey Kurssprache: Deutsch / Courses also available in English.

Evadio School (Adrian Nache – Romania)

Getting Better School (Bernadeta Hodkova is the head trainer and int the Česká Republika/Slovensko and France)

Holistic Therapy Institute (Marina Paula Eberth – Estonia)

Hypnoscopesis: The Greek Academy of Regression Therapy (Nassos Komianos – Greece)

The Institute of Reincarnation and Regression Therapy (Silvia Petkova – Bulgaria)

Integration Therapy Training Program and Inner Child Therapy Training and RT for Medical Doctors Training program (Trisha Caetano – The Netherlands, U.S.A, Japan, India)

Mandala Institute of Holistic Studies (Katerina Kanellopoulou- Greece)

Ny – Innsikt : “New – Insight”  (Gudrun Sanden – Norway)

Past Life Regression Academy (Andy Tomlinson – UK, Romania, Internet classroom to UK, Europe, Asia, USA, Canada timezones) TRAINING CURRICULUM

Radianced School (Diba Ayten Yilmaz – Turkey) SCHOOL CURRICULUM

The Romanian Institute for Regression Therapy (Victor Chirea – Romania)

Swan – School Of Training & Research In Regression Therapy

Tasso Institute (Hans TenDam – The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Japan, India) Tasso International also offers a full recognized training program in English

Tasso Russia Transpersonal Regression Therapy Institute. (Gennady Dolganov, Olga Chatskaya, Russia) TRAINING CARRICULUM

Unicorn Transformational Studies (Tulin Etyemez Schimberg, M. Resat Guner – Turkey)

Vita Continua (Milton Menezes – Brazil)

Woolger Training International (Juanita Puddifoot, Patricia Walsh, Marco Andre Schwarzstein and local recognized trainers)

Wellness-Space (Gunjan and Riri Trivedi)

Recognized Trainers

Our recognized trainers are prepared for presenting workshops on advanced topics suitable to existing members and regression therapists, these workshops are promoted on the EARTh website and the certificates of attendance can have an EARTh label. Recognized trainers are:

Marion Boon (The Netherlands)
Anita Groenendijk (The Netherlands)
Yuvraj Kapadia (India)
Athanasios Komianos (Greece)
Marc Van Hecke (Belgium)
Heike Bettendorf (Spain)
Victor Chirea (Romania)
Ruxandra Bulzan (Romania)
Janine Booij (The Netherlands)

Open Letter to the School leaders of EARTh recognized Training Programs

Dear Colleagues:

We like to bring to your attention that EARTh College Committee has received a nice suggestion by one of our School Leaders about the possibility to establish a Student Exchange Program.

The idea is to enable Students to visit a fellow school in a different country, language and culture. The experience of a Training program in a completely different style and setting, can be a very pleasant way to expand your scope. Traveling students are the guests of the local School’s students and that School is free to organize classes, training, practice and interactive discussions on Regression Therapy or any specialty of your own school. Also some cultural events can be part of the program.

This way the cost for the visit remains within reasonable proportions, and students are able to spend time with each other. Friendships can be built and future cooperation can easily follow. A touristical tour can complete the stay for the group.

The idea is that the exchange program be followed by a visit from the hosting school to the home country of the visitors, in the year following. So now those who shared their home, will be the guests of the other group. This exchange program can be intense or easy, all to your own choice.

Of course there are many possibilities to share and to enjoy work, study, training and life for a few days. EARTh will not organize travel or lodging, nor will we interfere in anyway in the program, but we will be happy to connect those schools and students who would like to participate in this joyful event. Sharing is our core issue, so this could be a great extra!

So if your school has students (or graduates) who would like to visit one of the other EARTh recognized schools, feel free to contact the College Committee and we will be happy to be the intermediary. This could be a very nice way to connect and to share, and not in the last place: to travel to places where one would perhaps not easily go to on your own.

We are looking forward to the event, let us see who travels first, and where. The College would like to have your photos and reports, so all Members can enjoy your activities with you.

With best regards,
EARTh College Committee