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Hans ten Dam

Tasso International


Deep Healing and Transformation (More languages are available on website Tasso Publications)

Exploring Reincarnation Therapy
Exploring Reincarnation
Inititation in Everyday Life
Murder by Initiation
A Secretary in the Shop Window
Anno Mirabilis 1973
A Secretary in the Shop Window
A rational guide to intuition


Classical Indian Ideas about Karma and Rebirth Compared to Modern Regression Experiences
Past Life Therapy
Five Past-Life Therapy Cases
Clients Suffering from Spirits: Transpersonal Regression Therapy as an Alternative to Traditional Healing and Modern Psychiatry
An Essay on Emotions in Regression Therapy
Brain Research, Meditation and Regression
Honoring Pythagoras: Reincarnation Ideas in Classical Greece
A Changing Perspective on Emotions in Regression Therapy
Reframing or Rescripting

The False “False Memory Syndrome” Syndrome

Analysis of a Past-Life Therapy Practice
Professionalism and Spiritualism in Past-Life Therapy: A Call for Witch-Doctors
Treating A Past-Life Hangover

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