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Picture of Diba Ayten Yılmaz

Diba Ayten Yılmaz

The Founder, the Principal Trainer and the Director of Radianced School


Ruhun Derinliklerine Yolculuk

“This is the first book in Turkish which explains how regression therapy works. Book includes nearly 80 case studies of Diba’s regression therapy work including follow-up results. These case studies are the real stories of the persons who resolved their current problems by regression therapy. 

Diba has chosen her different cases and put them under titles such as “choices and truths”, “part of the ego in soul journey”, “soul searching for the balance”, “relationship problems”, “transforming the childhood influences”. Some of the cases are very short (one paragraph), some are long ( 1-2 pages). So the reader may have a wider perspective of understanding life and death and karma.  The book is a guide to comprehend deeply the human soul and his eternal journey. The aim of the book is; being a door to open to the reader’s own eternal journey.”

Radianced Regression

Diba Ayten Yilmaz’s second book Radianced Regression is published in Turkish in 2022.
Diba says: “My purpose in writing this book is to inform the readers that there is a solution for the persons who feel stuck in life and helpless; moreover, to help the readers in having a bigger perspective about life, death and beyond death so it can contribute to their spiritual awakening and wholeness; and also, to create a reference book on regression therapy. During regression therapy, my clients do not only remember their traumas but also find the opportunity to clean the past traumas mentally, emotionally and physically. Also, they have a chance to correct their past mistakes through resolution and consequently, to improve their current life conditions. Resolving unpleasant memories and energies carried from past, brings lightness, happiness and also mental and physical wellbeing to the person.”

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