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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

‘Zero point’, the source of inner peace and acceptance.

Presidential Letter – Newsletter May 2021

Hello dear EARTh members,

Regression Therapist Victor ChireaThere have been many things going on lately so most probably this will be a long presidential letter. For the last 4 months I’ve been having the role of Acting President of EARTh. This synchronized with changing our home and I’m still adapting with the new life style. So it’s been a very dynamic and transformational process from the professional point of view, but also personal.

During these 4 months, and thanks to the position I have in EARTh now, I had the opportunity to have meetings with people that have a great influence in EARTh. More than before, I had to look at EARTh as a whole, as an alive system, and not only the elements of the system. In one of my meeting with Hans ten Dam we have talked about what slows down EARTh, what is draining our resources (energy and time mainly) and what can be done to improve all decisional processes.

One of our conclusion was that schools are the heart of our association; here is where the magic is happening, from the schools EARTh gets most of the members, here we do therapy, we train students and spread the word about what Regression Therapy is. 

After this talk I put more focus on the subject using my personal experience and also the relationships with others. So I’ve been observing with mindfulness.

I noticed that one of the things that consumes energy in EARTh, but also on our planet and civilization is how we deal with polarities. Polarity means differences, it can also mean conflict, but in the end if this is managed with wisdom we have transformation instead of separation.

Taking a deeper look I noticed that our association is also built on polarities – on one had it is a professional association, on the other hand many see it like a big family; this could be an advantage when we are in search of contact and being closer, but also a disadvantage when we are trying to be efficient and solve problems. Because when we try to solve a problem (at the Board level or at the Committees level for example) if we want to be democratic and also take into consideration all the ‘family members’ and opinions this will take more time than if only one or a few would take that decision. The last option is faster, but also some could feel left out and then we have the power in our association being left to only a few. We’ve been on that road already. It doesn’t work. So, this is still an ongoing process to figure out the balance between these two perspectives. 

Another aspect involved is time, bringing forth another polarity – how we balance things between work for EARTh and personal time (time with the family and individual time for relaxation). How we balance voluntary work and paid work.

Personally, I’m starting to be happy about how things are being handled in the Board, we are more pragmatic and we start to function more as one. Despite this, change is needed and in 2 years there will be a totally different Board as most of our mandates end. 

We are in constant fluctuations between polarities and choices, but this also means vibration, pulsation and in the end it generates the force of life and regeneration. The good thing about polarities and diversity is that we can always take a look and find the common ground in between polarities – the so called ‘zero point’, the source of inner peace and acceptance.

I wish you all good health and to find balance during these times of fluctuation and instability. Stay connected.

Victor Chirea

Acting President of EARTh

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)