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“It’s the client experience that matters!” “It’s enough for the client to heal!” “It’s all about healing!”
I have heard these comments from regression therapists many, many times. Indeed I have made those comments myself many, many times. It is the most important part of our work. This has been true to the extent that I have given very low priority to names, dates, actual evidence that a past life experience can be demonstrated to be true. It seemed to me that turning the focus of a session to the need for validation of factual reality undermined the therapeutic focus of the session. So I just didn’t bother with it much.
Past life researchers sometimes remark on their lack of trust of what I hear them call ‘hypnotic regression’ to access a past life. This is unfortunate yet mainly because evidence from hypnosis is believed to be unreliable. So evidence from a regression can be more difficult to validate to be factually true, although much easier to accept as a psychological truth from a client’s frame of reference. Past life researchers have a different objective to the therapist when their aim is to build an accumulation of evidence that may persuade some people to become convinced of the reality of their argument. Of course the therapist research tends to be based around whether the therapy or an approach actually has an effect.
Does it bring change for a client?
All that is most valuable yet there comes a time to acknowledge that there is an even bigger story playing out here. One day when we are dead and gone or have simply stopped practising, there will be others that follow us. This wave of ‘yet to be incarnated therapists’ applying the form of regression therapy that has evolved and refined over that time will partly depend on a corresponding growth of public consciousness. A growing insight into the nature of the soul and its journey through physical incarnations. It is as if a building is under construction, it is our task to ensure that the foundations are solid and healthy. However we are not just the builders, we are also the architects. It is also our task to ensure that the building has meaning to the public, so they are aware of it and would choose to visit it.
The more that the concept of reincarnation infiltrates into the public consciousness now, the greater the scope for regression therapy to have even stronger meaning for the public of the future. Each and every piece of research can play a part in achieving that. The reports from the therapist witnessing change in a client; special interest groups that share information and results; the client that feeds back change that has occurred following sessions; the researcher that material evidence of past lives; the medical doctor that records changes in client undergoing regression therapy; more that I cannot bring to mind as I write.
Each and every one of them has a role to play. has many arms, many areas of focus. All can contribute to creating an on public opinion, especially within a society where it is not accepted in the mainstream. Our contribution to those that follow us can be to help dissolve barriers within the public consciousness and across different cultures to open up to the potential of regression therapy. Working together within the regression therapy community on research projects and looking for our natural allies, sharing experiences in research beyond our association and our community is the best way forward that I can see. The regression therapist of the future requires an
informed general public of the future. For this to happen requires regression therapists of the present to engage in accumulating the evidence. The case study
project being overseen by our research committee would be an excellent starting point. Please consider submitting your own case studies and also please consider
including any factual evidence, especially if it can be verified.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)