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Earth Association for Regression Therapy


hanstendam_400NOVEMBER 2011

Closing speech for WCRT4


by Hans TenDam


Where integration ends, there is integrity

Integrity is utter wholeness

Three roads lead there, and only three

The first road is the royal road

The royal road is to be one

To have nothing left undone

To blend the hard work and the fun

The royal road is to be Sun

The royal road is be in tune

The royal road is to be Moon

The royal road is you and me

The royal road is to be Sea

The royal road is to be found

The royal road is to be Ground

The royal road is to be One

It is to jump beyond all sin

When everyone becomes your kin

When you forget you have a skin

It is to find the God within

To find the Father or the Mother

To be one with your source

The royal road is to be One

The second road is the road of travel

The journey through the universe

Worlds beyond worlds

Beings beyond beings

Dance, dance, abundance and more dance

Dance on the music of the sands

Dance on the music of the winds

The music of the winds of Space

The murmur of the human race

Departure, journey and return

Burn baby, oh my baby, burn!

Love over hate, hate under love

The universe a treasure trove

We are a bunch of emperors

Of conquerors, discoverers

This is the way of the world

This is the way of unending wealth

Of gods that prowl for still more bounty



We are the world

The world is one

the second road is: all is one

The third road is no road at all

The third road is the empty well

It’s bottom falling forever

And we fall with it

The third road is an empty shell

The third road is to be a Hole

The descent in the abyss

The descent in the underworld

Beyond the darkest foundations

No road – no traveller – no nothing

Neither this neither that

Neither me neither you

Neither god neither man

Neither angel neither demon

Neither neither


Absolute silence

Absolute silence

Absolute silence

These are the three roads to full integrity

This is written in the land of the Turk

In the year of the Fox and the Hyena

Wherever you go, be well

And don’t forget: die gloriously!

Die with integrity

people of Earth, thank you

People of Bilyay, thank you

Workshop leaders, thank you

All participants, thank you

All Helpers, thank you

Tulin, thank you

Travel safe, travel far.

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Sjoerd Bruijnen