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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

The Land of the Fairies

by Athanasios Komianos

Dear Colleagues,

nassospr120Sitting here at the Frankfurt airport, the city of our dear colleague Ulf, I decided to start writing my share to our next newsletter. It is time to do so before I land into the reality of a bankrupt country which rightly protests for the continuity of austerity measures which literally failed and worsened if not shattered its conditions the five last years. At this moment, I only have to give you my impressions of my first visit to Ireland. The people of this land are really very friendly and open to visitors and tourists. I was impressed of their hospitality, their sense of humor and vigor. Ireland is traditionally known as the land of fairies, leprechauns and a great variety of other worldly creatures. As you can see in the picture it is evident that a lot of wandering spirits and ghosts are visible in cemeteries. No wonder ghostbusting is a sport there. A hard working people of pride and great heritage.

Down to the specifics now. The theme chosen for this hosting country could be none other than “Exploring Extraordinary Experiences”. There we will deal with everything extraordinary that has occurred during our regression therapy work. We will deal with all these so-called paranormal or metaphysical phenomena and we will deal with things which touch the world of the unreal… It will be an opportunity to walk through the jungles of terra incognita and study with our senses the world of no sense, the world of the exceptions and not the rules. As for the program I have to say that it is still cooking. Some presenters even though they have been members for long, will present to us for the first time. I cannot wait for this to happen. We are in need of new ideas, new inputs and new insights. New is good but old is better we say in Greece. There is always room for legends and we will keep it that way. Our distinguished guest speaker will be Roy Stemman from neighboring England a man who has devoted his life in the study of the paranormal. He will share with us his expertise and his insights at our closing day. So much for the content of our program. As for the venue of our convention I have to say this; Karen managed to get a great deal for us with the management of the Marine Hotel. To my mind it is one of the best deals of quality/quantity ratio that one can get. A lovely deal indeed. The hotel is really nice and renovated but the best is not here yet. The food was excellent, even the Turks would envy such good food. All members of the Board loved it. One more thing. There is a great secret to share and it is called Smithwick’s. Don’t share that with anyone, it should not spread around.

Also the hotel is located next to the sea but there you will encounter a tiny problem. There you see it, there you don’t. You may sleep with the sea being a few yards from the hotel grounds and wake up and see it hundreds of yards away, a fascinating occurrence unknown to the Mediterranean waters. The Marine hotel is not very far from the airport either. You could share a taxi with a colleague and be at the hotel in 20 minutes, or if alone you could take the longer bus ride with bus 102 to Sutton Cross train station. The bus ride will allow you to see the wonderful area of Malahide before its final stop a few hundred yards before our venue. Also for those who want to have a quick walk to the neighboring port of Howth they can easily do so and get lost in the classic Irish pubs. What a wonderful place to be. See you soon.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)