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The Flow of Giving and Receiving

Presidential Letter – Newsletter January 2022

The Flow of Giving and Receiving

Hello dear EARTh members and Happy New Year!

Regression Therapist Victor ChireaI wish you a year full of inspiration, creativity and open doors for whatever you want to do and brings value to your life.

Holidays are now over and we are slowly coming back to our normal rhythm and everyday life and work. I heard many stories from my clients and I also observed a lot with my analytical mind – I noticed that Christmas is not about giving and receiving presents only, it’s also about meeting family and friends. Now, family meetings are always a ‘hot topic’, because even if we want it or not there is always some family karma being put on the table (literally) and in a way, these gatherings become therapeutic. Being therapists, very often we enter into this role with the close ones – sometimes having to moderate conflicts (that are not directly ours) or even having to transform the energies around us, including digesting the food that also contains part of the emotional energy and intention of the one that prepared it. So, we also receive what we don’t want and in this case we can either see how much we can accept and transform or we can put boundaries. But, if the boundaries are too harsh, then we can hurt the loved ones or entirely stop the flowing of giving and receiving. It’s always a delicate matter how we can tango in relationships, offering to the others, but also taking the time to offer ourselves and recharge our batteries.

As I already mentioned, I very often observe my clients’ lives and I can notice the balance or the unbalance of giving and receiving to others and to themselves. I also see that the very sensitive people withdraw from the relationships with others because they are hurt. As this strategy could be a solution for a short while, stopping the flow of giving and receiving brings them to a state of not feeling at home, lacking the purpose and meaning, depression or even more serious mental disorders. 

What works best with unbalanced patterns of giving and receiving is finding ways to feel and express gratitude. I already mentioned this aspect during my July Presidential Letter, as well as the work done by doctor Joe Dispenza on this topic. So, as a short reminder – feeling grateful puts oneself in a state of receiving more of what made you feel grateful in the first place. Even if you bring the reason to be grateful from the past, you’ll feel it in the present and that will put you back in the flow and when you are in the flow, you are nourished and full of the joy of living.  

And now, let’s reflect a bit on our association – how do we maintain the flow of giving and receiving? How is it working for each of you? Do you consider yourself as more of a giver or a receiver in EARTh? Or maybe you already obtained the balance and then you can reflect on how you managed to do that.

Personally, I’ve been through all the phases – at the beginning, I received more support starting with AC 2015 in Dublin when I was encouraged to open my own school and I was also offered the opportunity to present a workshop and make myself known. After that, I had the desire to offer back, so I got involved more in the leadership structures of EARTh, the Committees, the Board and at the present time I’m having the opportunity of being the President of EARTh. I’m a sensitive person, this position offers me a broader view and I can feel how energies flow in our association. I am happy to observe that since 2020, when the COVID period started, there has been more giving and receiving than ever, in EARTh and on planet Earth. This seems contradictory if we think that we traveled less, we had less physical interactions and we stayed more at home. Our connection was maintained by technology, so we can be grateful for that. Since 2020, we have started to offer webinars that now are more organized and structured, we organized two online conferences, we had a lot of online therapy – some of it offered for free to help our colleagues. We had more and more young people getting involved in EARTh, new members joined the committees, we learnt how to delegate so that not only a few people do the work in a committee or the Board. We are closer to each other than ever before. And this is also because of the raise of the consciousness that happened in the last 2 years – difficult times, but very transformative.

I would like to end my Presidential Letter with a reminder – the next best opportunity to contribute, on a large scale, to the flow of giving and receiving in EARTh is our next Annual Convention that will happen in Romania between 16-25th of September at a beautiful venue in the mountains. I’ll coordinate the local team and make sure everything is in order and prepared to welcome you. The more to come, the merrier! I am sure that by now you have all received the first and second Call for Papers. So please take into consideration sending a workshop proposal (the deadline is the 6th of February) and then attend physically our Annual Convention – the giving and receiving flow is so much better like this.

Warm regards,

Victor Chirea

President of EARTh

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)