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Earth Association for Regression Therapy


by Athanasios Komianos

nassospr120When these Christmas days approach most of us have in mind all these acts of give and take which are really wonderful and add a different tone to our daily lives. But it is not only Santa Claus or the Christmas tree that bears gifts under it, gifts can be found elsewhere and are always reciprocal. In my life, I have received wonderful gifts from lovely people and I am really fond of this. However, the very best gifts come when they are not expected from people that you could not even imagine. Two days ago I received a phone call from a lady that told me that we had had a session about three years ago and that because of this, her life had taken a radical turn to the better. She found the power to divorce her tormenting husband and lead a happy life on her own. As she was talking to me I could not recognize her voice, face or identity. When she finally reminded me who she was, I still had a difficulty recollecting the session. But for her, this was the turning point of her life.

She called me not to have a session for herself but to send in a friend of hers who was at a stalemate. When I responded that I charge the same amount of money as I did three years ago she reminded me that she did not pay me because I was “send as a gift” to her. Then it all made sense! I remembered who she was. A friend of hers paid me beforehand and asked me to offer her a session because he strongly believed that my regression therapy approach would change her life. It seems that he was dead right. In her own words she told me that this gift was really the best thing she ever received in her own life. She now will pay me and I will be the “gift” to her girlfriend. I wish to all of you to receive such phone calls every now and then. It will certainly lift your spirit in moody days. A devious mind would think that the lesson taken from this story is not to be so effective in the first place because this is not profitable. An even more devious and dirty mind could already be imagining things, like: “Nassos is trying to set up a service with EARTh members like an escort service, or, maybe he has in mind a 24 hour delivery-at-home service of willing and able regression therapists, or, setting up of a tent in central parks offering regression therapy services” to name a few examples. No my mind is not that dirty. However, usually when I love someone I have offered a gift of sending in their house a masseur or a masseuse. Body massage therapy is always a precious and welcome gift. Why not regression therapy? If for some of you this idea may sound bizarre or peculiar, then the next one may not annoy your therapist self-perception that much. During the last years a lot of people call in for help on psychological issues, or issues that we all deal daily in regression therapy. However, most of them have a common problem, they cannot pay because they do have an economic problem. They are either unemployed, or broke. Nonetheless, they still are asking for help. As a professional you need to get paid. You need to pay your rent, your insurance, your taxes. Expenses stay there whether you have clients, or not? What do you do? Do you turn them down, or do you invite them over? In the beginning that was a bit of a dilemma for me. Now it is not. In a society that is falling apart there is no “no” for an answer. These people need your help, even if they have no money to pay you, they need your help. If you think that your approach can help them then the only solution is either to refer them to a colleague, or, see them yourself. I have not many colleagues that I trust in Greece so I decided that this is a gift to my fellow citizens. If they cannot afford to pay me, I will still see them and work with them because it is my duty to do so. We are not in the money making business. Our work is spiritual in a sense and we have to keep that in mind. Above all we are soul therapists. If we help people to heal or to change, that will come back to us. The universe will give us back what we deserve. So be positive and let things flow. Best wishes for the holy days, and may the New Year bring you love and hope…

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)