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MARCH 2011

By Hans TenDam

As regression therapists we deal with the past. To balance this, I am also a member of the World Future Society. The latest The Futurist (Jan-Feb 2011) has an article about jobs in 2030, listing 70 possible new jobs for the coming decades.  A few of them are interesting for us. Hold on to your hats!

  • Amnesia surgeon (specialized doctor to remove bad memories or destructive behavior)
  • Brain signal decoder (mind reader)
  • Chief Experience officer (responsible for all the experiences offered to employees and customers)
  • Digital Identity Planner (managing someone’s trail on the internet)
  • Healer (?!)
  • Post-normal jobs counselor (either a post-normal counselor for jobs or a counselor for post-normal jobs)
  • Rationator police (monitoring thoughts to medicate people to ensure joy, peace and happiness)
  • Sensuality stimulator (how can we have done without those?)
  • Time hacker: manipulating the time fabric of other people’s lives
  • Transhumanist consultant
  • Universal ethics proclaimer (making both religions and atheism obsolete)

Compared to the makers of such lists, regression therapists are rocks of common sense. We are already far ahead of amnesia surgeons, by helping people to process bad memories and so adding to mentalhanstendam_400 and emotional health and physical vitality. That mind reading depends on brain signals is an imbecile notion, completely rejected by decades of telepathy research. That both religions and atheism can be supplanted by proclaiming universal ethics seems to me a full stack of misunderstandings. Proclaiming universal values has been done for ages by prophets, mystics and gurus. The idea that these will be  paid jobs in the future, as a career choice, is pretty crazy.

And the idea that healer is a future job is too crazy for words. It is one of the oldest jobs on record.

Would you ever buy a product or a service from a company that will manage your experience?

And do you want to pay someone to manipulate the time fabric of your life – whatever that may possibly mean? Changing before and after? Or shortening bad years to minutes? Or stretching heavenly minutes into years? ®

I couldn’t find an explanation for transhumanist consultant. Maybe regression therapist/coach?

Sometimes I can look at our profession as something lightyears away from the common, down-to-earth conventional world. After reading this futurist article, I see us as very sane, practical, and humane operators. Rocks of common sense, as I said.

As to us being post-normal, I plead guilty. But all people who doubt that we are sane should be checked by the rationator police.

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