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MAY 2009

MAY 2009


by Hans TenDam

What do we have in common? A strange and wonderful and complex and despised profession. And what we have in common, divides us too. We have different views, different opinions, different experiences, different perspectives, different judgments.

We are interested in each other, we exchange views and experiences, we are curious. And we are critical of each other. We appraise, we consider, we judge. We may irritate each other. We trust each other and distrust each other. We like each other and we dislike each other. We are colleagues. And we are competitors. We are happy about each other’s success. And we are jealous. We regression therapists are in all this like artists.

Where do we meet? Virtually at the website and especially at the intranet. Physically at the Annual Convention. Or at local Chapters. The website and the convention are our meeting ground, our market place, ouhanstendam_400r agora.

We may admire each other, we may despise each other. We may even hate each other. Or fall in love with each other. We may come together, we may turn our backs to each other. Still, in all this, we are colleagues.

On our meetings, on our discussions depend the advance of our field, our trade, our hobby, our calling.

Most of us are no writers. Discussions on the Intranet remain stagnant. But we must be good at talking and listening, otherwise we couldn’t do what we are doing. I hope many of us will meet in the flesh, at the conventions.

We have the most spiritual and the most down-toearth endeavor that I know of. Even if we don’t understand each other, even if we disagree, we share a common passion. Whatever you do in this field, be passionate about it. And go on meeting.

I was writing this in the Lisbon sunshine. Now there is a heavy rain with some hail, rattling on the parasol. We all will take our own rain with us when we meet in Kleve. Don’t forget to bring your sunshine!

When rain and sunshine alternate, we have good growing weather. When we have both at the same time, we make rainbows.

See you.

Hans TenDam

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