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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

MARCH 2010


by Hans TenDam

Lately, I feel guilty. I have felt guilty before, so don’t worry. What do I feel guilty about? The number of books I have received from colleagues and hardly have read yet. I am not referring to books they bought in a book shop. No, I am referring to books they have written and published. Most of those books are about case histories from their practice, often with philosophical preludes, asides and conclusions. And sometimes about historical confirmation.

A number of those books are from our members. True, some of those books are in languages like German, Portuguese or Dutch, but we have Chapters in these languages. So, where do these books figure on our website? Nowhere.

All members have a full page they can use to present themselves. If you have written an article or a book, tell about it! If your publication is in English, it should be on our book pages. If it is in either German, Portuguese or Dutch, it should be mentioned on the Chapter pages in these languages. And it should be on your own page. Send the web master also a picture. Tell in what kind of clients and prhanstendam_400oblems you are interested, or maybe even specialized.

Also books by non-members are being published all the time. We should know about them. We need a feature of reviewing books and articles. I am willing myself to do that, but not as long I am president. So for the time being, we need other reviewers. Please tell us if you are interested to do that and in which languages you can review.

But the most important is that writers mention their works at their own pages. FILL YOUR PAGES!

For a time, funny desk texts were popular. One read: IF A CLUTTERED DESK SHOWS A CLUTTERED MIND, WHAT DOES AN EMPTY DESK SHOW? Our members have pages on our website to present themselves. WHAT DOES AN EMPTY WEB PAGE MEAN?

Maybe regression therapists are lazy? Or modest? Or unimaginative? Or stupid? Or they are so happy, lead such fulfilled lives and have so many clients, that they don’t need to present themselves at all. Whatever is the case, there must be a reason behind this all.

Meanwhile, the Board is working on other aspects of PR. We hope to present the participants of this year’s convention with a shield or plaque you may hang at the wall of your room or next to the front door. We are preparing to produce a short movie. We may produce several short movies that can be presented on our website and on YouTube. And we are trying to get better information about our field into the Wikipedias.

Now if you really don’t know how to fill your page, there are still several options open. The first is not to present yourself as you are, but as you want to be. You may have to doctor your picture. The second is to ask a colleague to write it for you. The last one is to let us do it for you. We may work with a template. Elements of such a template could be:

… a wonderful human being …

… an outstanding and experienced professional …

… truly client-centered …

… a warm personality …

… with a profound spiritual perspective …

… and a very reasonable fee.

Of course, the best option remains to write it yourself. Take your ideal client in your mind and write a classified ad to attract that client. By the way, the phrases above are not copyrighted.

Hans TenDam

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Sjoerd Bruijnen