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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

JULY 2010

The closure of the Annual Convention 2010

by Hans TenDam

In the Year of our Lord two thousand and ten

four years of learning to walk and learning to talk

four years of building the ship

now for the finishing touches

can we sail out?

can we sail around the world?


one port at a time

almost sailing out of the harbor

will we turn east or west, north or south?

and what will we find there?

and what will we do there?

young man, go West!

in the west we are discoverers

we inquire, we survey, we do research

In the South we show ourselves

we go outside

we are going public

publishing, publicity

we are seducers

(PR, darling, PR!)

in the East we find Teaching

we teach and be taught

we speak and we listen

we observe and grow

insight, knowledge and skills growing together

and in the North?

in the North we disappear,

from the face of the world

we turn inside

we become invisible

we do our own work

we work at the inside

we stay inside

we are grounding

we grow deep roots

so altogether we expand

but slowly

and surely

the journey will strengthen the ship

the wind will make our sails grow

the wind loves our sails

and our sails love the wind




it is our quality that will bring expansion

and our expansion will bring quality

this journey will bring forth those both

EARTh is a a ship

EARTh is a journey

our destination is the harbor we sail from

EARTh is us

we are the world

we circumnavigate

we are the navigators

sail safely

but sail far

the world is your oyster



this is the captain’s log

by the grace of God

the year is two thousand and ten

the date is the 23rd of the 7th month

in the Vally of Grace

the log is closed

this convention is closed


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Sjoerd Bruijnen