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MARCH 2012

by Hans TenDam

The Board had its winter meeting. Who cares? Well, we do. Let’s start with the good news: we still have money in the bank and better, we see no reason to increase membership dues. The bad news is of course that we are ashamed of ourselves, even positively guilty.

Those of us who come from a country with a Roman-Catholic or Greek-Orthodox background feel ashamed, those of us from a country with a Protestant background feel guilty. After all, not all of our members are rich and happy, and who is to blame for that. I am afraid to say: the Board. Who else is responsible? The higher we stand, the more the crushing weight of responsibility.

In the darkness of our souls we instructed the Program Committee to take “Beyond Guilt and Shame” as the theme of our next Annual Convention. This title is for external consumption only, internally we refer hanstendam_400to it as “Getting Rid of Guilt and Shame.” So we hope that by a wonderful process that is both professional and spiritual at the same time to find the modern-day variant of plenary indulgences (you know, those things that started the Reformation).

We hope to meet many of our fellow sufferers again in Kleve, to refresh ourselves from the springs of wisdom of those colleagues intrepid enough to stall their wares before the weary eyes of their more humble fellow-men. As you can read on our website: we are seeking workshop proposals.


the name of the game

is stopping the blame

and dampening the shame

(well, maybe the Lord is a Dame)

rather tame, but not lame

out of the convention they came

more themselves, though no longer the same

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