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Earth Association for Regression Therapy


Good vibes and passing pens

I took over the pen from Dave Graham and as your new president of EARTh it is one of my duties to write a presidential letter in each EARTh newsletter. We all know what a maiden speech is, but I wonder if there is also a maiden presidential letter. Well, if there is, this is one.

OK let’s start with the good news. I am very happy to announce to you that the AC19 will take place in Marienthal, right on the border of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The organization will be done by  enthusiastic German members. I will travel to Dresden on the 6th of August to make arrangements with the German team and with the venue. Soon after that I hope we can put an invitation for all of you  on the website including a program.

Now you might ask why a venue on the border of the three mentioned countries. Well, recently there were a lot of developments in Eastern Europe and even Russia. Plans to start schools etc. With organizing a convention in that area we hope that RT will get a boost.
As you will understand these AC19 plans are all brand new. Not everything is already arranged and crystallized. A lot has to be done in a very short time. But for the people who were there at the goodbye meeting, the closure of the convention, you must have felt the positive energy, the good vibes to make this a success. And if we manage to keep this positive energy I am certain that AC ’19 will be as successful as Baarlo was.
This is the end of my first presidential letter. There are some more things to mention. But the newsletter is full of nice subjects. I kindly refer to the following articles.

Oh, and about the pen from Dave I took over, no worries he got a new one as a reminder of the excellent way he lead EARTh. Thank you Dave. Also a thank you to Yasemin Tokatli who was on the board for as long as anyone can remember. And although we have two new promising board members, Gudrun Sanden from Norway and Aysegul Sevil from Turkey, we all will miss Dave and Yasemin. But board memberships end at a certain time, friendship don’t. I consider myself very lucky to be able to call both of you friends.

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