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A good bye from our Ex­-President…

by Athanasios Komianos

nassospr120Even though our convention ended in great success the Exploration of Extraordinary Experiences is still going on. It started at the official opening night of our convention when I tried to share with you my classification of paranormal experiences in a chart called Atlas of the Paranormal. It is now available in the Authorized area of our Download Section under the category of Workshop Handouts. You have to login to access it. After a wonderful break by this extraordinary Irish dancing group, people did split up and shared their most extraordinary experience in the respective groups according to the major categories. There was the ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) group where matters of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition where the predominant ones. Then the Mind over Matter group where phenomena from micro PK (Psychokinesis) and macro PK to poltergeist and materializations were mentioned. Further, on the Soul Survival group where issues like OBE’s, NDE’s, Possessions, Attachments, past­life memories, xenoglossy and other phenomena suggestive of the survival of consciousness after death were dealt with. Another group concerned the Space Time Paradoxes like time slips, time travels, déjà vu and other related phenomena.

Last but not least was the Energy Exchange Paradoxes & Otherworldly Creatures. From ET’s and UFO abductions, to otherworldy creatures like fairies, angels and demons. From psychic attacks and voodoo magic to psychic healing and miracles. The exchange in the groups was really great and a lot of colleagues came to me afterwards to thank me for giving them the opportunity to share with others what they thought was abnormal all this time. It was clearly evident from this small exchange of experiences that this should be repeated in a larger time span and that it should inspire us all to encourage our clients to share with us the most bizarre experiences they had. Leaving the paranormal behind another moving moment was that of my stepping down from the EARTh Board. After four years as the Vice President and two years as the President I felt that I gave the best that I could for what I could have offered. The Board thanked me with a wonderful reminiscent pen that will remind me of the wonderful moments of being active with EARTh. It is now time to ask of new members to join the Board. Starting through the committees they can eventually become Board members. The International character of the Board as well as its rotating character will ensure the healthy and steady growth of our association. I wish both to our new Board member Diba as well as our new President Dave to have a wise and safe trip to our next harbor. Thank you for being there, thank you for being my family and thank you for sharing with me creatively all this love. It was a thrill and an honor working with you all.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)