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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Going through Transformation

Presidential Letter – Newsletter January-February, 2021

Going Through Transformation

Hello dear friends,

Regression Therapist Victor ChireaThis is my first presidential letter. Since December, I have taken over the presidential duties, while John can have his time to recover from difficult medical interventions. Thank you John for your trust in me.

I actually started to write this letter in the plane on my way home after 4 wonderful days with my colleagues from the Board. We had our winter meeting and we visited the venue that we are going to choose for our next Annual Convention. At present, I can share with you that it will be in Turkey, Izmir area in an amazing location on the seashore. We were treated like royalties and everything was beyond our expectations. Thank you Diba for finding this place and I can say for sure we are in good hands for the 2021 Convention.

Our next World Congress in Baarlo is about Transformation and this is not by chance. Everything around us is changing, with a speed higher than that of light. The speed of thoughts and emotions is instant, because we are all connected. And because of that everyone counts, everyone contributes with something – aware or unaware. I like to think that in our association we raise awareness with what we do, with what we think and what we are. Being together through good, but also difficult times gives us the strength to overcome all obstacles and transform ourselves while doing so.

We are all going through transformation. We are challenged on multiple aspects – energy, time and health. And sometimes if we are ok, then the dear ones are having hard times. I noticed that most of us (therapists) have the tendency to overburden ourselves and not ask for help. We are used to offering most of the time and it’s hard for us to receive. Another thing I observed is that when it’s hard many of us have the tendency to go out of their body, in a ‘better place’, maybe ‘home’ in another space and time from one of our past lives. But, in these times I think we have to bring ‘home’ here instead of going there. If we have the ‘home’ feeling inside, then we’ll be able to feel at home in our human body, on Earth, now. And when we do this, blissful things will start to happen. These are wonderful times happening on Earth and Regression Therapy helped me to understand that I’m exactly where it’s best for me to be now. I hope you can feel the same and if not, then I hope that this state will manifest in your lives.

I would like to end this letter with the invitation to stop for 5 minutes from everything you are doing. Just stop and take a few deep breaths. If you can open the window and breath some fresh air. Take a look out of the window and find the beauty in what you see. Just that. And maybe now you can feel grateful for what you are and for this blink of an eye life that we have here and now on Earth.

A warm hug to you all,

Victor Chirea
Vice President of EARTh

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)