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MAY 2014

by Athanasios Komianos

This is the theme for our next Annual Convention which will be held in the beautiful country of Ireland. This was a wish on my part that thankfully all of the EARTh Board revised, improved and accepted, because at the convention of 2015 is when I will step down as a president.

During almost the end of my first intake I always come to the question: Did you ever have a metaphysical experience? And my clients go berserk exclaiming: “No never did I have such an experience”. Then calmly I ask: Did you ever have a déjà vu experience? Most of them say: “Oh yes this I had”. Then I ask them: Did you ever think of someone out of the blue and in no time the phone rings and there she is calling you after a long-long time? Again, most of the time, the answer is yes. So then I ask them: Did you ever have an unexplained presentiment that something is going to happen but don’t know what? The answer is again yes. Then I tell them: Why did you tell me that you had never had a metaphysical experience? You can guess the look on their face.

As regression therapists we are in direct conflict (whether we like it or not) with the mainstream conventional psychotherapeutic work. We, as opposed to them, accept the spiritual dimensions and the independence of the soul from its biological counterpart. That in itself is enough for them to have nothing to do with us. On the other hand as it is quite evident from our members there are a lot of traditionanassospr_400l therapists who have turned to us for training and advice. I see that happening to me all the time in Greece. It is thus a great opportunity to address this issue in a clear way and see what we, on our part, can add to the puzzle of charting these unexplored territories.

Now my suggestion is that in our Conventions held by EARTh, themes that could be also held by traditional therapists should rarely be held by us. The reason is that we have not much to add to the insights already provided by mainstream practitioners. I would even go as far as to suggest that if these are the themes then we should better attend traditional conventions.

There are several reasons for the choice of this theme:

  • The first is already mentioned above.
  • The second is that since most of us employ altered states of consciousness, whether we like it or not we come into grips with paranormal phenomena, like:
    • Attachments and possession
    • Extra-terrestrial embodiments or the abduction experience
    • Distant or spontaneous healing
    • Out of body experiences
    • Synaesthesia
    • Mystical experiences
    • Psi-related experiences like déjà vu, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, pre-cognition, psychokinesis etc.
    • Time paradox related experiences
    • Psychic attacks
  • The third is that what we have to master most is the handling and taking care of such happenings. Last year our Turkish colleague Diba already suggested as the theme of our next convention to be the attachment and possession experience and how to deal with it. Under our theme this topic could well fit into the picture.
  • In former suggestions we had rejected themes on dealing with Extra Terrestrials but now under this general theme we can talk about ETs, the abduction experience and any other subject the presenters propose.
  • For the plenary panel we could have this theme: When Things Go Wrong: Learning from Our Mistakes in Therapy. Actually, this idea was proposed by Juanita as a movie project in Estonia. It is a very interesting subject because mostly it is through our mistakes that we become better therapists.

Now, the choice of extraordinary, instead of exceptional, paranormal, metaphysical, or occult was done after a long discussion within the board. The fermentation though brought the word extraordinary. There are two reasons for this choice. First of all because every such phenomenon that we have encountered fits under this category and second because it does not intimidate traditional therapists as a theme. Even if for them past life recall seems extraordinary.

From here on I will try to outline in my letters these phenomena by trying to create a chart of the paranormal experiences.

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