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Earth Association for Regression Therapy

Being Grateful Means Transformation

Presidential Letter – Newsletter July 2021

Being Grateful Means Transformation

Hello dear EARTh members,

Regression Therapist Victor ChireaJust before starting to write this presidential letter, I was listening to one of doctor Joe Dispenza’s speeches. I was planning to write about something else, but there were some ideas there that awakened my brain and I think they are worth mentioning; so, I went for a different topic. Coincidence or not, in this video he was talking about change and transformation, exactly the theme of our Congress. This title has been following us for the past 2 years. We had to postpone for one year, we thought of canceling or finding new ways of combining online and physical workshops. However, at the same time, we were always watching what the restrictions were and what the authorities were saying. In that period we were putting our power outside in the hands of ‘whoever was in charge’ that said we had to comply with these rules and they could actually change these rules whenever they wanted. Things were not moving past discussions and making plans only; the program of the Congress was not finalized because we didn’t really know what presenters would still attend. There were very few new registrations and for the already registered people many of them were uncertain – should I cancel my registration? Should I wait more? This is exactly how a blockage looks like.

We couldn’t wait any longer, so, in some way, we decided to take our power back and not depend on the external pandemic conditions. The only reasonable solution was to opt for a full online Congress. After this decision was made, things started to move forward and we were in the flow again. 

In the same video doctor Dispenza was saying that in order to change our old patters of being we have to do something different to change the neural patterns in our brain. So, I invite you to do something different and register for our online Congress. We never before did it like this, this is the first online Congress and it is unique. You have the final program in this newsletter. You can see there is a great diversity, you can make your choices where you want to participate live and later on you can watch the recordings of the other workshops. Together we can make this Congress great for us!

Now let’s focus on us and this one and a half year that has just passed. I know that for many of you it was a very hard period, although I also know that for others was one of the best periods of their lives. Of course, it’s not great while we are deep down in our shadow, living ‘the dark night of the soul’ that may seem endless; but after that hard period is over and we are past that, integrated and transformed, most of us will say – ‘this was the best thing that happened to me’. For those who are not there yet, well just continue and don’t give up! The sun always shines after the rain stops. 

The last idea in doctor Dispenza’s video, that made my brain tingle, was this – in order to accomplish something that you want you have to be grateful in advance for that thing that you don’t have yet. So, you have to behave like you already have it. Gratefulness is the emotion that occurs when we already received what we wanted, so when we are really being grateful, the chemistry in our body changes and the neuronal patterns in the brain start changing as well and then the subconscious mind changes. This is the first step to change our believes that create our reality. If you want, you can take 5 minutes of your time right now and do this experiment – think of something for which you can really be grateful, now feel this in your body (probably in your heart); and start breathing into your heart and expand being grateful in all the parts of your body. Do that for a few minutes. Isn’t it already better? Now, be aware of something that you want to achieve. Keep it present in your mind and imagine that you already have it. At the same time, remember that feeling of gratefulness from a few minutes ago. Just breathe consciously in this state of consciousness. If this inspired you, you can repeat this exercise 5-10 minutes every day and notice the change, but try to be detached from what the universe will bring; judging can ruin the beauty of the experience.

Keeping this state of gratefulness of the body-mind-heart, I invite each committee chair to send for our next newsletter the best accomplishment of their committee, the best thing to be grateful for and they want to share it with the rest of us. You can send your texts to this address – – it doesn’t need to be large, but we would like to feel the enthusiasm and happy vibes. Celebrations means transformation.


Victor Chirea

Acting President of EARTh

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)