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An Exceptional Week

by Dave Graham

085_david1_120It was an exceptional week in Ireland. The theme of the annual convention ‘Exploring Extraordinary Experiences’, filled our time with workshops designed to explore, inspire and educate. We tried a different format for the workshops, with extra time for the presenters and for elaboration on the issues that were raised. We invited Roy Stemman, editor of ‘Psychic News’ to talk to us on the subject of ‘Unfinished Business –Past Lives Remembered’. Roy commented that on arrival he walked past a room with a sign ‘Extra Terrestrial Entities’ on the door, which reminded him of the challenge that he faced to hold our interest. Well he did hold our interest and was warmly received. The entertainment was excellent even if members did witness my attempt to dance. We allowed ourselves some time to go out and enjoy the summer solstice, plus a free day during the week and a tour at the end of the week. We can never find out if these improvements work unless we try them, so now we shall seek your feedback on that.

It was an exceptional week as Nassos, a board member for six years and President for the last two years reached his end of term. There is always a touch of sadness as friends leave the board and this is no exception. Nassos has contributed a huge amount to the development of EARTh and he will be missed. Even so he cannot put his feet up just yet as quite apart from all the dramas happening in Greece as I write this, there is also the intention to hold our next convention there next year. We expect that Nassos will be deeply involved in helping us to arrange this: HOME TO THE MUSES: How to be inspired by nature, arts and archetypes in regression therapy.

It was an exceptional week as each workshop explored their own particular phenomena, honouring the experiences of clients, demonstrating approaches designed to achieve results for them. The pre­convention workshops were offered by Hans Ten Dam and Marion Boon. A variety of issues were the subject of our focus for seven more workshop leaders and then there were two new workshop presenters; Victor Chirea on the Holographic Room and recently qualified Isabela Berendsen on Nightchildren. It was an exceptional week as I wondered what will regression therapy look like in ten or twenty years time? What would the most prominent characteristics of RT be? How well would it work for clients? I cannot know the answer to any of those questions, yet I realise that we are creating our own reality as regression therapists. The work that we do now provides the basis of our work in the future. Whatever a regression therapy session looks like then will be built on the workshops and experiences that we share now. The vast experience of senior workshop presenters mixing with the experience of presenters that are in the process of becoming senior, mixing with the exciting initiatives of the ‘new kids on the block.’ After sampling a variety of workshops that ‘explore extraordinary experiences’ in Ireland, I can only say that ‘it feels good!’

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)