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Willemijn Luyendijk


My name is Willemijn Luyendijk (1965). I work as a past life regression therapist.It always has been my wish to help people. That’s why I first did the education to be a psychosocial worker. In 2005 I finished the education at the School for Reincarnation Therapy.

Now I have my own practice at home: I guide sessions of past life regression therapy, soul regressions and heart journeys.My goal in this life is to finish up old traumas from past lives. I do that by bringing them back into my conscious memory and going through the old pain. After that I can let go of the painful old experiences and I can continue lighter, with less luggage, in my present life.I like to work with people who want to do the same.

One of my issues was my fear of making mistakes. I was also terrified for feedback: imagine I had done something wrong… It appeared that in a past life I was a young woman who intuitively knew how to work with herbs. She had knowledge about the healing properties of herbs and applied that. People came to her to be healed. The official medical people didn’t like that. They filed a complaint and she was captured and thrown in prison. There they tortured her to admit she were a witch. She died because others declared she had done things she shouldn’t have done.Another example is that I kept studying, because I thought “I wasn’t ready for this yet”.
Behind this phrase was a 12-year-old Hungarian girl in World War 2. When the Germans came, they shot her gypsy father and took her and her Jewish mother to Auschwitz. They used her there for medical experiments on her female organs. She was bleeding to death and heard them say: “She’s too young, she wasn’t ready yet.” When I realized that this sentence belonged There, in that past life, I understood that I was certainly ready to live life Here. I had studied enough.

Because I’m highly sensitive, I sometimes ‘see’ images or feel what happens in a session with a client. I won’t tell these to the client, but I do use my qualities. Sometimes I can ask a question that brings the client right there, spot on. And very rarely I just talk about what I see.

Once a client was stuck in a past life, because her mind was thinking about whether she was fantasizing or not. I asked her if she was okay when I would tell her what I saw. She agreed. And what I saw, was exactly what she saw and didn’t dare tell me because she thought she was making it up. So, after this confirmation, she could go on with the session.