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Dr. Pavel Sergeevich Gyngazov was born on July, 12th 1947 in Tomsk, Russia. In 1966 he graduated from the medical college. Later on after completing a training course at Tomsk Medical Institute (now called Siberian Medical University) in 1976, he got the qualification of a general practitioner. From 1976 till 1983 Pavel Gyngazov worked as an obstetrician. Since 1983, after accreditation in sexology, infertility treatment and psychotherapy, Dr. Gyngazov has been doing marriage counseling.

Pavel S. Gyngazov started working in the field of regression therapy in 1993. In 2001 he became a member of the International Association Of Regression and Research Therapy – IARRT (certificate). In 2003 he took part in the First World Congress of Regression Therapists (WCRT 1) in the Netherlands – EARTh, where he presented his report «Regression Therapy: The Guide and the Wanderer. An original method» In 2006 the author participated in the Second World Congress of Regression Therapists (WCRT 2) in New Delhi (India), where he conducted a workshop «Human and Non-Human Reincarnations: Sequential or Random?»

In August, 2008 in Summer Europeans school of regression therapists I carried out a seminar «The potential of the Unconscious in the removal of psychosomatic diseases».

Two of his articles («Regression Therapy: Harmonizing Effect» and «Regression Therapy Data and the Notion of Karma») have been published in The Journal of Regression Therapy 

In October, 2011 he present his report in the Fourth World Congress of Regression Therapists (WCRT) in Turkey: «Affinity of Soul Manifestations in earthly and unearthly incarnation» (download zip-archive of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 9 Mb)

Also in October 2014 he participated in the World Congress of Regression Therapy in Porto, Portugal with the theme: “The Role of Mind for Body Healing during Regression Therapy Sessions”

In addition to surgery in Tomsk Dr. Gyngazov conducts regression sessions in other cities.

He has been married since 1970 ( the wife is a Ph.D. in philology) and has an adult son.