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Paula Fenn


I have been working in private practice with adult individuals for many years as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. I hold an Integrative and Relational stance within this methodology as a way of alleviating psychological, emotional and embodied suffering. This form of practice also includes Classical and Transpersonal Dream Analysis and an engagement with unconscious symbols and defence mechanisms in waking life. As my practice developed I became increasingly aware of a distinct flow of energy between the client and the therapist, and vice versa, within the transference dynamics. I was intrigued by the creative and healing power of these deep relational encounters to the extent that I sought a new language for them out-with the psychoanalytic field as a means of enhancing my understanding and my awareness of how to consciously bring these powerful aspects into the therapeutic context. To this end, I undertook further lengthy study into the world of the energy body and crystal healing.

As an evolving Self and practitioner, a new phase of emergent soulfulness appeared and clients began to present with somatic symptoms and symbolic imagery which they associated with spontaneous past life recall. This in turn led me to train as a Past Life Therapist and Regression Therapist as a means of redressing and transforming the wounded souls of my clients. Evolution is a natural part of our soul’s journey and I have always sought to alleviate whatever form of suffering presents itself to me in my client’s presentations by flowing and moving with what is being asked of me as a fellow traveller at any given time. Of late, I have been heavily involved in Spirit Release work and have developed a range of skills to assist clients who present with such problems.

Alongside my provision of psychotherapy, past life regression, current life regression, energy healing and crystal healing, I also provide supervision to therapists in practice. In addition I engage in Spirit Release work with clients and facilitate the removal of dark and intrusive energies. I am also a Faculty Member and Lecturer at Earthworks School of the Healing Arts where I run a range of workshops on such topics as dream analysis, symbolism, spirituality, grief and loss, transference and countertransference.

I have a range of therapeutic qualifications and I am a member of a number of Professional bodies:

~ Masters in Counselling (University of Notre Dame)
~ Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
~ Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
~ Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
~ Diploma in Past Life Regression
~ Diploma in Regression Therapy (Past Life Regression Academy)
~ Diploma in Full Spectrum Healing
~ Post Graduate Diploma in Crystal Healing
~ Certificate in Hypnosis (Past Life Regression Academy)
~ Certified Member of EARTh (Earth Association for Regression Therapy)
~ Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Accredited)
~ UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist
~ Registrant of the BACP Register of Counselling and Psychotherapy Practitioners
~ Member of the BACP Spirituality Division
~ Member of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology
~ Member of the Past Life Therapists Association
~ Member of The Relational School
~ Member of the Association for Independent Practitioners

I can see clients in either Cheltenham or Rode (near Bath) in the UK.