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Natalia Sikalova


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Teacher of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1,

Transpersonal Regression therapist, Family Constellation practitioner, and Reiki practitioner.

About me:

I offer private sessions (Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy), group presentations on Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy, Family Constellations sessions and personal spiritual end-of-life care. I also teach Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1.

As a therapist I have worked successfully with a variety of issues: emotional and mental issues, accessing and healing childhood traumas, smoking cessation, fear of public speaking, limiting beliefs, PTSD of the victim of Westgate shopping mall attack, to ancestral healing, finding one’s true purpose in life, releasing physical trauma and healing the physical body, accessing past lives, healing them and integrating its wisdom and resources. These therapy sessions have resulted in amazing deep transformational healing.

I am deeply passionate about and wholeheartedly love what I do. I have observed people attending for their first session as closed and tight as a fist, and slowly, session by session, have watched them open up and embrace the world and themselves, and this gives me a sense of a true meaning in life. I work with people with empathy and understanding. I treat people as a combination of a Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit (and possibly more), and I work on all levels, as they are presented. My clients benefit from my flexible and combined approach in dealing with their current life situations and issues, as well as pre-natal and Past Life memories and experiences.

Hypnotherapy has answered many of my personal burning questions. For example, how and why I left on holiday from Russia 25 years ago, unexpectedly landed in Kenya and have stayed there ever since? Are we born with a purpose, or do we just randomly wander through life? Are we responsible for what is happening in our lives? Does the Law of Synchronicity exist? Are Past Lives real? Hypnotherapy also lifted me out of an existential mid-life crisis, allowed me to heal myself and gave me a profession I love which is to help heal other people. It has also made me more compassionate towards people and their life paths, and more spiritual as a result.

Working Languages:

English and Russian


Family (Systemic) Constellation Practitioner (

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy at EKAA Foundation (

Regression therapy at TASSO International (

Continue to study Inner Child Integration therapy with Trisha Caetano – pioneer of Inner Child Integration therapy (

I am a Professional member of EARTh Association (, and have attended EARTh 6th World Congress in 2017 and the Annual Convention in 2018.