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The value and healing power of Regression Therapy became a topic for study for me in the early 1990s. That time I had a small practice for natural magnetism (pain relief). I studied philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. When I realized what Soul Power and Transpersonal intelligence can do for us, and the impact of these human potentials, I joined to study with Hans ten Dam (graduated 2000) Ever since I have been involved in the TASSO network. From this core we co-founded EARTh and the WCRT congresses. The dynamics in and around the world wide activities of Tasso, the variety of people and backgrounds, the expanding field of applications to which I love to contribute, all are inspiring as is the solution focused work itself. I design and create new applications and innovations in the field. Trainings bring me to India, USA and many other countries as a guest to other wonderful schools in Romania, Belgium and Germany. My practice specializes in practical applications and transformed into the unique Post-Graduate institute IPARRT Practice – the Amazing ART! organizing retreats for professionals. I offer workshop-formats, vivid meditations and special design applications. The MENSICS® institute –mens sana in corpore sano, founded in 2001, aims to bring transformational training intensives to the ‘corporate’ and professional world, including schools, without labelling the work as ‘therapy’. Those who want to do the work, will have plenty of choice!   International Practice – P.G. Specialties in TRT,     Workshops for many Layers in Society,           Certified Professional Training – Tasso