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Marianne Carolus


Evadio is the name of the three-year course in reincarnation and regression therapy, which I set up in Germany in 2004 and Romania in 2007. The four vowels in the word represent the four classical elements air, water, earth and fire.

Evadio is a word, which for me belongs to being constantly on the move. Coming and going. Changing and growing. Disappearing and returning. Lives on earth and lives in the spiritual world. Living simultaneously in multiple worlds. Sometimes very consciously going back to past lives, to existence in the soul world and to being in the spiritual world. From there, always finding your place in the here and now, with the people and other beings, who are around you.

Being on the move fits with the many moves I’ve done since birth.

It also fits with the very different things I have been involved in, a main part of which is school doctor at a couple of Free Schools and Reincarnation Therapist and Teacher and writing articles. The solid core is the certainty of being connected to the spiritual world, which as a child took shape through Christian education, later mainly through anthroposophy and reincarnation therapy. A connection that ultimately can be found everywhere, and continues to grow: See under Fairy tales and Creation