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Gudrun Sanden


All my life I have had joy and curiosity connected to life, people, dreams and “reality”. It has led me to many exciting educations, courses and people.

I have searched for methods to become aware of my feelings, thoughts, actions and intuition. I use these as health-promoting methods in my daily work.


Erickson Coaching with Jan Georg Kristiansen. Coaching in school.

Faculty of Health Sciences at Vestfold University College.
Art pedagogy as a guidance tool in coaching. Self-management.

Akesrhus University College: Coaching, relationship management, change and competence development.

Education in Healing with Anne Jones.
Learning in Energy awareness, intuition and healing, with Beate Wagemann.

“The Gap Coach” with Suzanne Axissa, Italy/England.
Master of Intuition. Coaching in the subconscious, trauma treatment, eating disorders, abuse etc


Member of EARTh, international organization for regression therapists.

Vestfold Supervisor Network.
Heffalonia Consulting Community.
Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy, board member.
Norwegian Eurythmist Association

The creative methods I use have been developed through art education and art therapy education in Norway, Sweden, England and Switzerland.
Education in painting, Vedic art, music, dance and drama.

I have my training as a hypnotherapist and regression therapist from the Regression Academy with Anne Bodil Røssvik.

It is an internationally approved education linked to the Past Life Regression Academy run by Andy Tomlinson and based on Michael Newton’s work.

I have sat on the board of EARTh, Earth Association for Regression Therapy and NFRT Norwegian Regression Therapy Association.

Now heads the admissions committee in EARTh.

In connection with stress management and energy work here, I greatly enjoy my education as a stage eurythmist and eurythmy educator, and Neuro Training.

Eurythmy education from Järna, Sweden and Goetheanum, Switzerland.
10 years of stage experience from the Goetheanum. Tours in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia, England, Sweden.

Productions with Oslo Eurytmi Ensemble, Boreas, Vidar Ensemble, Tid i Rom etc.