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Dagmar Clara Krueskemper , born in 1965, I am living in Berlin, Germany.

As a medical doctor I was working in the fields of paediatrics, child psychiatry and  psychotherapy and as a medical consultant in a school.
Furthermore, in a psychiatric hospital for adults with all kinds of psychic diseases and addictional problems.

I am specified in „anthroposophic medicine“. This western integrative medical system is for me a valuable tool in understanding more about the interplay between natural, psychological, moral and spiritual forces in the human being.

Still I was looking for a highly individualized method to approach the patients problems and symptoms in the context of his individual body-soul-mind constellation within his biographical and social situation …
In 2004 to 2009 I was trained by Marianne Carolus (Evadio), Germany in the art of regression- and reincarnationtherapy.
Since 2009 I have my own private practice in regressiontherapy assisting people to their own healing process and to facilitate continous self development.