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Martin Roesch


* born 1958
* Study of management and psychology in Univ.Mannheim and Long Beach, CA.; MBA
* Business enterpreneur in health-care (radiology, radiooncology and oncology)
* Since 2012 working as a mental-spiritual psycho-oncologist with cancer patients
now based in Germany near the Swiss border (predominatly online sessions on Zoom)
* fluent in deutsch and english

english language website:
Deutsche Webseite:

Mode of Therapy:

Mediations : A variety of cognitive techniques incl. a ´quality control´-technique
Meditations: Trance inductions and associative and dissociative techniques, Free Flows,
Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work incl. embryonic interactions,
Ego-conferences and others; Imaginary Body Travels PL, LBL, Higher Self
Migrations: Energy Work, Energy Assessment (identifying and handling non-self energies and
broken connects), Family- and System-Constellations, Matrix Work

All applied on adverse bodily symptoms (> 90 % cancer patients)

Book Martin Roesch: “Cancer as a Chance. Sourcing into the Unconscious. A negotiation guide with death” – Nov 2022 – book 515 pages; 70 case reports.
Unfortunatly so far only in German language, other languages planned for forthcoming end of 2024

2023 ” Can Regression Therapies contribute to Healing even in Chronical Diseases
like Cancer ?“ In: The International Journal of Regression Therapy, Vol. XXIX, Issue 33, Fall 2023, p.39-48

2020 “The Potential to Source a Patient´s Imaginative Powers in Treating Cancer: Illustrated in three cases.” In: Complementary Medicine Research, Vol .27, No .1, 2020, pp.55-60. Complement Med Res (DOI:10.1159/000502281).

And quite a number of related articles in German language magazines.

Regularly lectures in medical conferences and national as international workshops.


Mostly available online via Zoom (or Skype)
location in Konstanz – in the very South of Germany not far off Zürich