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Akke Zijlstra


“As if you already knew this
before you saw it. had been there,
before you got there.
So at home.”
Kees Smelt

This poem was on the birth announcement of my youngest daughter and I had exactly this feeling when I became acquainted with regression and reincarnation therapy more than 20 years ago. After my first session I knew I wanted to do this work too! Perhaps for the first time in my life there was no doubt: I want this and I can do this. A world opened up for me.

I started reading about regression therapy and it felt so familiar, so many things fell into place. I also wanted to follow the training, but unfortunately there was still an age limit and I (early 20s) was not yet so brave to try to intervene despite that. And my life went on….

I became a career counselor, worked in education with youth and adults, met my husband, and had three beautiful children, including sleepless nights and other challenges. Regression and reincarnation therapy faded into the background during this period. Until my children came up with stories about their past lives. They had to flee and had lost each other. For me, that was the moment when my own interest reawakened. I then still followed the training for transpersonal regression therapy at the Tasso Institute of Hans ten Dam and then started my own practice.

For me it is a profession in which I can share my (previous ;-) life experience, in which all my creativity and interests have a place, in which I can do what I am good at and in which I can be who I am. And that “being there” is perhaps the most important aspect. Often it feels like just being there opens up the space for my clients in which they can heal and grow themselves. A space where all that is needed may arise, when the time is right: traumatic experiences in this life, inner children, experiences from past lives, experiences in the “in-between existence”, and even experiences in other dimensions and other universes and like other life forms. Yes, dragons and space creatures also pass by in my practice.

Floaty? No, as a sober Frisian (landed in Zutphen) I stand with both feet on the ground. The goal is to heal the past that still lives in you NOW and hinders you in any way, so that YOU can move on, just in the here and now.