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2015 EARTh Annual Convention, Dublin, Ireland.


Dublin, Ireland, June 20-26, 2015

Pre-Convention Workshops

  • Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) Parasitic Thought Forms: A new approach to compulsive and obsessive behavior 
  • Marion Boon (The Netherlands) Light and Shadow work:Holographic dimensions and the dark night of the soul

Convention Workshops

  • Isabel Berendsen (The Netherlands) NightChildren
  • Chanda & Christoph von Keyserlingk (Germany) The Heart as door to Extraordinary Experiences: Exploring and Meeting Your Own Heart.
  • Juanita Pudifoot (UK) Releasing Karrmic Contracts Connected to Nature’s Elements
  • Victor Chirea (Romania) Holographic Room: A new tool in exploring and healing in Regression Therapy
  • Jorgen Sundvall (Sweden) Explaining & Exploring the Extraordinary
  • Anita Groenendijk (The Netherlands) Extraordinary Grooming Each Other
  • Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkey) Extra Terrestrial Entities
  • Heike Bettendorf (Germany) Aquabalance and Transpersonal Regression Therapy.
Keynote Lecturer: Roy Stemman (UK): ‘Unfinished business – Past Lives Remembered’



Hans TenDam (Baily)
Parasitic Thought Forms:
A new approach to compulsive and obsessive behaviors

Marion Boon (Kish)
Light- and Shadow work:
Holographic dimensions and the dark night of the soulSummer Solstice Tour, will leave at 4 a.m.! Return at 7.30 a.m.

After lunch and at 14.30 there will be the second part of the Pre-Convention.

Pre-Convention (continued)

Hans TenDam (Baily)
Parasitic Thought Forms:
A new approach to compulsive and obsessive behaviors

Marion Boon (Kish)
Light- and Shadow work:
Holographic dimensions and the dark night of the soulSchool Leaders Meeting

Free day for Participants

Opening Night 19:30 – 22:00 (Brent)

1st workshop (Baily)2nd workshop (Kish)
9:00 -13:009:00 -13:00
Isabel Berendsen: NightchildrenChanda Keyserlingk:The Heart as a Door to Extraordinary Experiences.
Elaboration on morning (*2)Demo (Tuskar)
14:30 -16:0014:30 -16:00
16:00 -17:30 Heike Bettendorf(Pool)
19:30 – 22:00
General Assembly
3rd Workshop (Kish)4th Workshop (Baily)
9:00 -13:009:00 -13:00
Juanita Pudifoot: Releasing Karmic Contracts Connected to Nature’s Elements.
Victor Chriea: The Holographic Room – a new tool for exploring and healing in Regression Therapy
Elaboration on morning (*2)5th Workshop (BoardRoom)
14:30 -16:0014:30 -17:30
Jorgen Sundvall: Explaining, Exploring the Extraordinary

19:30 – 23:00
Party Night BBQ (Brent)

6th Workshop (Baily)7th Workshop (Kish)
9:00 -13:009:00 -13:00
Anita Groenendijk: Extraordinary Grooming Each Other
Diba Ayten Yilmaz: Extra Terrestrial Entities
13:00 -14:30
Elaboration on morning (*2)Heike Bettendorf: Exceptional Exercises  (Rathlin)
14:30 -16:0014:30 -16:00
16:00 -17:30 
19:30 – 22:00
Free Night
Plenary Speech (Brent)
Roy Stemman:
‘Unfinished business – Past Lives Remembered’
9:00 – 10:30
Plenary Discussion (Brent):  How to Have a Successful Practice. Moderator Marina Eberth
11:00 – 12:00
Lunch 12:00-13:30
Press interviews open to the Irish public (Rathlin)

Parasitic thought forms

Compulsions and obsessions may come of obsessors and pseudo-obsessors, yet they could also come from more or less autonomous thought forms. Creative thinking is based on energized thoughts. Sensitive and intelligent children may create thought-images that haunt them for the rest of their lives: a true Comrade, a true Father, a true Mother and later a true Love. They ensure that the problem never will be solved, that the need never will be satisfied. People also may create an ideal image of themselves. Unhelpful.

What kind of parasitic thought forms did we find so far in our practice?

  • Artificial personalities, usually created by stillborn babies, miscarriages or abortions.
  • Guardians that seem to support the person and present themselves as guides, friends, helpers, angels.
  • Guardians who truly keep the client from doing something wrong.
  • Guardians who keep others at bay: guard dogs, lions, panthers, birds of prey.
  • Collective idols, ‘false gods.’

Such thought forms affect our mind, feed on us and may even turn against us.

The institute will explain how to detect thought forms, how to find out if they are parasitic and how to free people from them – if they want.Shedding light on the Shadows. Shadow-work concerns experiences that we as individuals may have pushed back into the dark, are surpressing or denying, or wish to negate and forget. This happens consciously and unconsciously. The veils and curtains that cover our shadow-sides, will need to be lifted or taken away at a certain stage in life, otherwise the effect of all these unfinished issues will haunt us. One can run away from the shadow, but when you stop running, or the tar-heavy shadow becomes too heavy, it will cover your light and exploration must begin towards liberating your soul and freeing yourself.


Shadow-work is not only shedding light on the dark spots we find difficult to face or be confronted with, shadows are part of the learning process and dig deep into our souls. Imagine your sheet of experiences waving in the light of your conscious investigations: dark and light will shift places and shake your mind. Extreme experiences of frightening shadows, may in the end be the most fruitful investigation you were able to do for yourself or your clients. When the shadow is big, there must be much energy stored in it – waiting for your focus, to be found and freed.


In this training we will address working with the shadow on the individual level of karmic themes, and on the level of the patterns of incarnation. These patterns have to do with the shadow, in a variety within the theme. We will shed light on the shadow – participants will benefit from the group-exercises, examples and techniques, and explore further. You will learn to use your light to guide you into the dark, and return to the present with more (de)light.


Day 1 – Exploration in group-sessions, PPT, examples and demonstration session(s)

Day 2 – Early morning sunrise at Summer solstice location – lunch break – continuation and integration, Q and A of day 1.


Your Trainer:


Marion Boon, IPARRT practice international,

EARTh recognized independent Trainer, IBRT certified Regression Therapist,

Transformation Coach at Mensics Institute® and Teacher for Tasso International and NL.

email: mjbboon@hotmail.comAs regression therapists a great deal of our work consists of finding, healing and integrating Inner Children. There is however, a group of Children we hardly ever find. Simply because we don’t know to look for them. Their trauma’s occurred while they were asleep or unconscious. They have left the Self during nightmares, psychic attacks and out of body experiences. During this workshop you will learn how to find these children and how to address them when you have found them. Often these children are those parts of us, that are psychic and/or most aware of why we are here. Healing and integrating them will benefit us greatly.

Nightchildren are great at hiding. Sometimes because they don’t want to be found (yet) but mainly because they came into existence while the conscious mind was not aware. So there is no link between the conscious and the sub conscious mind. The environment where the trauma took place (and thus where the regression will take place) can be a nightmare, a different dimension or out of body experience. Talk about Exploring Extraordinary Experiences!

Biographical Information

Isabel Berendsen (1970) is from the Netherlands. In 2001 she started to develop her spiritual side when she discovered (remembered) she had ‘healing’ hands and ‘knew’ things that others didn’t. While learning about voice dialogue, NLP, aurareading and healing she came in contact with regression therapy. She found that so interesting that she decided to study at the Tasso Institute where she graduated in 2014.The Heart as door to Extraordinary Experiences: Exploring and Meeting Your Own Heart.
A workshop by Chanda & Christoph von Keyserlingk

Connecting with your heart is one of the most extra-ordinary experiences.

Many past life sessions we start with feeling and clearing the energy heart. In our view the heart is one of the safest bridges to the memory of a past life.

We need the heart (our energy centre in the middle of the chest) to connect our mind with our body.

In almost every tradition and language all over the world the heart is a central idea.

One speaks of the wisdom of the heart, love of the heart, the pain of the heart, the path of the heart etc. etc. The heart can become a stone or is the vehicle to enlightenment. We can expand our heart and heal with our heart. If the heart is burdened or not free or occupied by foreign energies you cannot really transform anything.

In the tradition of the chakra system the heart is the central chakra.

Many people believe they gave their heart away as a child for example to the mother or father. Or the child safeguards it by hiding it. Without the heart one cannot live a fulfilled life.

In our workshop we are going to have a look at our heart, where it is and how it appears to you. And how we can use it to transform the burdens and the obstacles to open the path to an extraordinary experience.

To have a clear and free heart in the middle of the chest is for most people an extra-ordinary experience.

In our ”The Power of the Heart” seminars we hear often from the students that they feel good about their heart. But having a good look at it during our exercises they realised that it was not true. They realise that it is much more powerful if they bring the own heart back home to the middle of the chest and rebuild the connection to their mind and body. This process is for most of our students a deep and lasting extraordinary experience.

In our workshop we will first give an introduction to our concept followed by a group session and afterwards small exercises.The human body is made of minerals, including oxygen and water. For some shamanic traditions such as the Amazon tribes they believe that the Elements are our real parents and it is their energy that holds our physical bodies together and if they decide they can withdraw their energy and we die, quickly or slowly.

In this workshop will explore the Karmic contracts that have developed in past life stories between the past life character and Natures Elements – Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal and Stone. These important connections are normally over looked in regression work.  Looking at the Elements in the past life session story can bring to the surface hidden energetic binds that hold Karmic contracts in place. This regression work is important to help identify how, why, and where these energies became attached in life and particularly at the point of death otherwise a part of the Soul will get stuck, trapped in the Bardo realms doomed to repeat the unfinished patterns.

We will be exploring what contracts are in your past lives or present day life:- negative or positive repeating patterns, original mis -use of the Element, death by a particular Element,  unfinished residues that need to be transformed, possible sacrilege of an earth place, ancestral influences, what needs to happen to change the contract to be beneficial and harmonious.

For regression therapists – we all understand the importance of ‘Power Animals’ and Spiritual helpers in giving strength and healing to the subtle layers of energy in the soul wounds of the past lives. The ‘elements’ are the building blocks of the universe and are not usually addressed in sessions. Join Juanita to open up a new and exciting aspect of regression work that she has developed.

I learnt from an Amazonian Shaman that one of the tribal beliefs of his village “was that the four element beings came together and formed the human, and were our really ‘parents.  That when the physical body dies this is our element parents separating apart energeticly” 


If you join my workshop please bring a blindfold or a scarf for the group session.

Juanita is the Founder and creator of “Energy Gateways” a way of working that focuses on the Subtle Energy Fields of life.  Juanita works as a professional counsellor, is a Deep Memory Process council member and one of the chief trainers with Woolger International. She worked with Roger Woolger for a number of years and they travelled internationally teaching his work including Deep Memory Process DMP, Ancestral and Spirit Release. She works with ancestral issues, as a spirit consultant, shamanic practitioner and has worked as a teacher for over 25 yrs. Her empowering and practical approach enables greater understanding of the connections between the physical world, spirit realms and the subtle energies. & www.deepmemoryprocess.comWe’ll start with a discussion about what is the process of Soul Fragmentation, how and when it occurs. This subject is described in more details in Victor Chirea’s book “Soul Fragmentation. Consequences and the Reintegration of Lost Parts”, but for the present workshop the focus will be especially on the traumas that occur when losing a meaningful relationship. This last topic was studied in his M.A. dissertation paper “Study upon the Experience of Losing a Meaningful Relationship”.


Then, the participants will be guided in a Journey to experience and feel how it is when Soul Fragmentation occurs in the case of losing a meaningful relationship from their present life. A basic healing process is also included.


Afterwards, for the first time in his professional career, Victor will present the method that he has recently developed in order to work with these kinds of traumatic situations and other similar ones. For now, he reveals the name of his method – “The Holographic Rooms” – which is very simple, effective and can easily be integrated with PLT practice.


There will also be a demo session for one participant that will need it the most at that time; we’ll have time for sharing and for questions and answers.Explaining Exploring the Extraordinary!
I want this to be participatory workshop but will start by describing a spiritual experience which
changed my life and which I have spent a considerable time trying to understand and in some way
re-experience. Being a little familiar with certain Indian schools of thought and having practiced
different techniques I have come up with a system that may be of interest to the participants. At
least I think it will be useful in their therapeutic work. This mixing of methods from the western
therapeutic schools and the eastern spiritual traditions is not free from complications. But as the
saying goes: Fools rush in where the angels fear to tread.
My first aim is to demonstrate and teach the art of mental projection so a certain amount of time is
devoted to strengthen focus and build force (prana), which will be used later in the projection. We
will in this take the help of pranic breathing and in the process also strengthen our power of
visualisation. In other words; energy work.
I will demonstrate possible therapeutic applications and will also go for a similar Extraordinary
Experience to the one I experienced.
During the workshop I’m sure I’ll get to use and demonstrate several other useful techniques like
the “yogic lie detector” !.
That’s my plan. Lets see what life plans.
Written notes will be given at the workshop.
Jörgen SundvallIn this workshop participants will learn more about energy attachments than you already know. Also you will check each other for and work with non-self energies. The goal is to be 100% self. You can work better with your clients when you are without ‘bugs’ yourself.

The existence and effects of attachments are supposed to be known among the participants. One of the possible techniques for checking for these is using the muscletest, which you will practice with. Also, the techniques already known by the participants can be used.

The difference between non-self energy attachments and resonated energy will be explained and shown through demo’s, and how to deal with those.


Sources of attachments can be ordinary, like your parents, or extraordinary, like aliens, devas, ghosts, pastlifelovers, and since we are in Ireland maybe pixies or fairies. The objectives of the workshop are; “Bring awareness about the entities from the outer world and how to release them”.

The participants will have a chance to learn about how to differ the extra-terrestrial entities and their effects on human beings.

They will also find out if they have any and how to release them.

During the presentation; I will talk about the extra-terrestrial entities and their effects on human beings.

I will give some case studies about the subject.

Why they are on Earth?

How to differ them from the other entities?

How to find these entities and how to release them?

What are the possible conditions and “hooks” of these kinds of entities?

I will do a demo session with one of the participants.

And after the demo session all the participants can do pair work.

Please note: The participants should have completed their training about spirit-releasement.”



Diba Ayten Yilmaz is a certified Regression Therapist and Trainer by IBRT and PLRA. She graduated from the Past Life Regression Academy (PLRA) as a Regression Therapist and has a Certificate on Hypnosis. She is a certified member of EARTh. She has also been trained by Linda Backman in Life Between Life Regression Therapy and is a certified LBL therapist.
She has a degree as a Mechanical Engineer from the Technical University of Istanbul Mechanical Engineering Department. She is a certified NLP Practitioner and trained as a Life Coach.
Since 2005, she works as a full time regression therapist in Istanbul and across Turkey. She worked as Andy Tomlinson’s Assistant Trainer and Supervisor for his Turkey training. She took over this Training in 2007 to provide it into Turkish across Turkey. Since then she gives PLRT Training in Turkish.


“Exploring Extraordinary Experiences”   

                Aquabalance and Transpersonal Regression Therapy – Session in water

  Heike Bettendorf.

The fascia research work of the last years has discovered one secret of our body: the forgotten, as unimportant seen connective tissue or fascia.

The whole body, from toes to crown, every bone, organ, every muscle fiber is surrounded by fascia and connects everything with everything. There are more nerves ending in fascia than in the muscles itself. Full of receptors they adjust constantly our body posture and exchange of our feelings. Pain is reported from here and seems to arise here.

Fascia is a sensory organ. The movement of the body is completely pendent of feelings and sensing movement.

We will do little exercises for body and mind, and experience extraordinary insights about ourself and the own body.


Please wear comfortable clothes and socks, so that we can move as well on the floor.

Session in water are first of all exploratory sessions.

Moving the client in soft meander movements, surprising topics can appear at the surface:

– lifetimes, who carry a treasure for the client

– topics, who seemed fully explored in sessions before show up another aspect


Being connected in the warm water with body and mind is a deep, unique experience.

The experience can be from being fixed becomes mobile.

From being stuck to move again.

Body and soul open and create movement from the inside.

You can trust the water, your body and soul  –  “laissez vouz porter”


Years ago I began with the movements in the water, than appeared the experiences of the clients with feelings and pictures coming up.

I experimented with the possibility of handle Transpersonal Regression Therapy Session in the water.The results were impressive and this form of work in my research has even more possibility for development.

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