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2013 EARTh Annual Convention, Roosta, Estonia.



What regression experiences teach us and how they can heal and empower us

Roosta Estonia, July 8-12, 2013

Pre-Convention Workshop

Pavel Gyngazov, M.D. (Russia) & Marion Boon, CRT (Netherlands) – Gender and Sexology – on power and impotence.

Convention Workshops

  • Hans Tendam (The Netherlands) – Riding the tiger, Interactions between Sensuality and Spirituality
  • Athanasios Komianos (Greece) – Living in a Foreign Body: Gender Dysphoria and Sex Identity Confusion
  • Christof von Keyserlingk (Germany) – The roots of our female and male identity
  • Juanita Puddifoot (UK) – Working with the ‘body’ DMP and the importance of working with the ‘body’ with females and males in regression therapy
  • Christine Alisa (USA) – Past Life Therapy with Children and Adolescents: How to implement the process as well as address sexuality, gender issues and the influences of parent’s and society’s impact on the child.
  • Kristiina Garancis  (Estonia) – Become your own ideal partner: Archetypal man in every woman, archetypal woman in every man.
  • Diba Ayten Yilmaz (Turkey): The Hidden community
  • Anita Groenendijk (Netherlands) “Success in your business as therapist”



Basically, people come in two kinds. More often than not, both have strong romantic and sexual urges. More than half of the world literature covers this ground. More than half of all therapy sessions cover this ground as well.

FMS may stand for False Memory Syndrome, but this time it stands for the topic of our next convention. Why would regression therapists be interested in this subject – assuming of course they have completely solved their own issues in this field? Because we can help many clients:
• Women who have issues with their femininity.
• Men who have issues with their masculinity.
• Men and women who have problems with relationships involving sex, love and romance.
• People who have issues with their gender identity.
• People who want to be spiritual and feel they are hindered by their animal side, possibly their body with all its physical and instinctive aspects.
• People who want to find their inner balance between femininity and masculinity.
• People, usually women, who suffer the consequences of incest, rape or sexual humiliation.
• People with sexual fears
• People with sexual fixations.
• In general: healing, enjoyment and empowerment of femininity, masculinity and sexuality.

A two-day Training for Regression Therapists. Date: 7 and 8 July 2013.

The Pre-conference training is a co-operation between two EARTh professional Members
combining skills and experience in a most interesting workshop.

Presenter: Dr Pavel Gyngazov, M.D. From Siberia, Russia, is specialized in sexology.
He has vast experience as a medical doctor and as a regression therapist. Pavel will share
cases and insights from his practice and demonstrate combining Regression Therapy
Techniques in the medical practice of today, to heal issues that may originate in
past lives. Present day problems such as anorgasmia, virgogamy and coitophobia will be
explained and demonstration sessions are offered around these topics. It may not be a problem
any participant suffers from in the present, but we may find past lives related to these topics, that
are waiting to be addressed.

Presenter: Marion Boon, CRT from the Netherlands, international teacher in Transpersonal
Regression Therapy will focus on the inner power of your own personality, related to
masculinity and femininity in previous times. Group sessions will focus on tracing karmic
gender related charges and polarities, round the theme of Male and Female Power Lifetimes.
Participants will be able to work on their own process and demonstration sessions will be done.

This pre-conference training is a unique combination of medical present day problems,
and past life therapy healing. Pavel and Marion welcome you to join us for
the ‘kick-off’ of the Estonian EARTh Conference 2013.

Duration: 2 full days. EARTh Accreditation points: 4.
Case examples, explanation of background of dis-eases, group sessions, demonstration sessions, sharing and discussion. Handouts are provided.

We are looking forward to your participation!This workshop is not about Tantra or any other theory or practice involving the relationship between the two. It is about participants personally exploring this dynamic inside themselves, both as a powerful experience and a way to help clients with issues in this area. Participants may explore the balance or imbalance between strong instinctive urges and strong mental powers.
To better understand the dynamics involved, we will talk about Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), power animals, creativity and kundalini. We will talk about the differences between reptilian, mammal and human sexuality.
Obviously, we will not have a powerpoint presentation or a slide show.Gender dysphoria, or, Gender Identity Disorder as is defined by psychiatrists, is the discontent of some persons with the sex assigned at birth and/or the gender roles associated with that sex. Even though it is not a very common disorder of sexuality, it certainly affects very strongly those who are afflicted by it. In this three hour presentation it will be shown that the conventional attempts for an explanation of sex identity confusion are not adequate enough to account for the very often obsessive/compulsive dimensions of the disorder.

A brief discussion of the theories that are attempting to explain this disorder will take place about the biological, genetic, hormonal, prenatal, psychological and behavioral factors.

However, the main emphasis of the presentation will focus in alternative explanations of the phenomenon which are spiritual and psychic in nature. Case histories of mild gender dysphoria will be presented from the bibliography and my practice as well as more extreme cases of transexualism and transgenderism.

Finally, solutions and possible treatments will be discussed to prevent the possibility of an irreversible Gender Reassignment Surgery takes place that may be regretted afterwards.We would like to elaborate how human beings discover their female and male identity.
From where do we take the pattern to behave, feel and be a woman or man?
Usually we have two sources for these important behaviours.
Mainly we learn from our parents, later from friends and family members how to be a woman or man and also unconsciously from our pastlives.

We call these two main sources “The roots of our female and male identity”.
In our workshop we would like to demonstrate in a group or single session how the influence of our ancestors and the world wars imprints female or male behaviour.

We would like to focus on how the world wars and the change of societies have transformed the gender identification.
The gender identity disturbance can be solved in finding a pastlife or an ancestor who is able to give us a clear and healthy gender identity.In this 3 hour workshop we will explore some of the following issues:-
The differences in working with female and male clients and the impact of working with clients with DMP when they have past lives of the opposite sex.
The rational for giving the ‘body’ a voice to express, embody and enacting moments from the past lives
Exploring the issues of working with freeing the restricted life force energy held in the pelvic area, gentiles
Particular past life frozen impulses that can cause dilemmas for clients.
People will gain a deeper understanding of the use of DMP and working with the body. The differences of using props to help the client embody the past life character. How to set the boundaries between realities. Give enough support to the client to feel safe enough to ‘release stuck life force energy.’Past Life Therapy with children and adolescents is based on the model that Christine Alisa has developed utilizing Gestalt Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy. Participants will be introduced to the differences between adult and child therapy, the therapeutic structure of child therapy sessions and a description of a variety of case studies that illustrate the successful outcomes of her therapeutic approach. Her model uncovers such issues as past lives, birth trauma, pre-natal negative patterning and repressed early childhood traumas. She has worked with children who have symptoms or behaviors characteristic of what is diagnosed as ADHD, Dyslexia, anxiety, depression and phobias. Participants will view a demonstration via a DVD regression session that Christine conducted with a thirteen- year-old adolescent and will experience a hands on use of clay as a powerful medium to access past experiences as a conduit for healing.This workshop will focus on archetypal power of opposite sex present in every human being. We will discover the theory of female and male archetypes and the applicable techniques regression therapists can use with clients who have problems in relationships. We will work on projections of the shadow part of the archetypes and positive sides of male/female archetypes as well. Participants will gain knowledge how to become their own ideal partners by learning integration techniques. They´ll get the power from positive sides of an archetype and can quit searching the perfect man or woman outside of them.

· The basic knowledge of archetypes: their influence in everyday life, how shadows of archetypes influence our behaviour.

· What is behind the search for a perfect partner or an ideal soul mate?

· How to work with clients who have difficulties in relationships and help them to integrate their potential. Participants will discover their positive potential hidden in an archetype of the opposite sex.

· Practical exercises on awareness of personal positive and negative projections of opposite sex.

Techniques how to work with past life regression, getting in touch with positive archetype of the opposite sex? Integration of this positive power into personal system.The objective of this workshop is; how to do regression therapy work with gay&lesbian clients.
We as regression therapist all have gay&lesbian clients but this is the first time in EARTh AC history we will talk about them.
The participants of this workshop will have a chance to learn more about;

How the gay and lesbian clients dynamics differ in therapy work?
What are the common problems of them bringing to a therapy session?
How regression therapy is a useful therapy work for them?

Through the case studies, participants may have a new perspective about working with them.
We will also do a group session.
My aim is to give you a wider perspective and understanding so that you could work with them more easily.”[page id=”1906″]

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)