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2010 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.


“Finding traumas and resources in regressions to the beginning of the present life.”

Pre-Convention Workshop

Morris Netherton (USA) – “Resolving trauma in pre-natal and birth experience”

Convention Workshops

  • Roger Woolger (UK) – “The Body Remembers; Inducing Somatic Release in PLT”
  • Hans TenDam (Netherlands) – “Prenatal and Natal Assembly”
  • Charlotte Muthesius (Germany) “How the Soul Prepares the Healing of Past Lives”
  • Sueli Simoes (Portugal) – “The Womb Twin Survivor – Vanishing Twin Syndrome”
  • Trisha Caetano (USA) – “Getting There and Back”
  • Mario Resende (Portugal) – “Trauma Psychology and Pre-natal Psychology Contributions for Regression Therapy”
  • Tülin Etyemez (Turkey) – “A Rebirth Experience”
  • Barbara Bachmann, (Switzerland) Rebirthing – Releasing of Prenatal Patterns”
  • Athanasios Komianos (Greece) “Do we use intake forms, and standardized questionnaires?”
  • Anita Groenendijk (Netherlands) “Shows Her Way of Working with the Body’s Wisdom, Through Muscle Testing”
  • Marion Boon, (Netherlands) “Breast Cancer – Triggers and Influences Originating in the Womb”
  • Christoph Keyserlingk (Germany) “How to separate the trauma the mother experiences at birth and pregnancy from what the child experiences?

FOR MORE DETAILS, ABSTRACTS AND PICTURES PRESS ON THE READ MORE LINK UNDERNEATH.Dr. Morris Netherton will trace the source of trauma from past-life experience through the nine months of pregnancy and birth.  This will show technique and resolution creating a positive survival pattern replacing the negative fears and beliefs.Roger Woolger will discuss somatic or body memories in the light of many years of working with Reichian therapists, healers, holistic body workers, and more.  He will discuss theories of somatic memory,”cellular memory” and “etheric memory” relating to the yogic theory of the subtle bodies or energy fields. But most of all he will share some practical hints of how to engage with body memories by using dramatization and realistic re-experiencing of somatic woundings from past life and current life trauma and will demonstrate his methods with volunteers.We will explore different experiential tracks (“tapes”) leading up to a successful human incarnation (like ours).

  1. Body awareness. From the experience of the egg cell and the sperm cell trough growth and differentiation of the embryo and the fetus, till breathing outside the mother and the cord cut. We will not forget the placenta.
  2. Psychic awareness. From the soul going down to the body, the choices involved, either voluntarily or involuntarily, till the connection with body and the “marriage” between body and soul, “till death does us part.” (the Great Entrance)
  3. Mother awareness. From the consciousness and subconsciousness of the mother, starting with the conception (no details, please!), through the first signals of being pregnant to the first eye contact, the first voice contact and the first holding of the newborn.
  4. From the perspective of an outsider with good-will – if such an outsider has been there.
  5. From the perspective of an outsider with ill-will – if such an outsider has been there.
  6. Exploring the moments of connection between the different tracks, if they have not been experienced in the previous passes – if they happened in full. And if they did not happen or only partially happened, to make these moments happen. (assembling)
  7. If the ill-will perspective is still around, and if it is obsolete or evil, to make the connection unhappen. (disassembling)

Clearly therapy proper is in the last two steps. This workshop is experiential, and worse: experimental. We will do a group session and elaborate on that in demos and in practice sessions among the participants that will make student-members envious of those wonderful human beings that graduated before them. We will hold our babies and do some hero-worship.In order to heal traumata and belief systems of past lives the soul will incarnate in the setting that is perfect for its purposes.
That does not mean a perfect couple of parents, nor a happy childhood. It means a setting that is similar to the setting of the suffered traumata.
The belief system from a past trauma must be found in at least one of the future parents, representing the place the soul came from.
The other parent has to represent the goal and healing place of the soul.
For the conception of the soul I will give some examples of the motivation for the choice of parents offering the right and perfect setting for the soul.


I will present a schedule with the development of a human embryo in the nine months of pregnancy.
Also I will show typical problems of development concerning the body of the embryo as well as the problems that surround him, i.e. family problems, environmental problems, losses and shock.
In my classes I will have my students draw themselves as an embryo being in their mothers’ womb.
We will have a look at the drawings and talk about them.
A very typical situation in a session in the prenatal is an abortion.
We must take care and differentiate between tried abortion and executed abortion. Sometimes we find an executed abortion in the first pregnancy. In the following pregnancy, with the same soul, we find a tried abortion. The reason why this time the abortion did not work, establishes the life motivation, the survival pattern of the client.
There are some points in pregnancy that have to be worked at any rate.

1. The very beginning of the mother becoming aware of her pregnancy
2. Mother tells Father. His reaction – her reaction. The circumstances that surround the fetus defining his survival pattern.
3. Sexual behavior during the prenatal
4. End of the prenatal – mothers prognoses, fears and perspectives.

Illnesses and Prenatal

Every illness can be traced back into the prenatal.
I will give examples of numerous illnesses and diseases and their connection to the prenatal.
Demonstration of a session; working a problem or a disease in the prenatal.
I will answer questions and then have a short break.


Birth is like the main station of Cologne. All problems, belief systems and survival patterns of the past come together in birth and from there start stimulating to action and reaction for the coming life.
I will present a schedule of birth, the crucial parts in birth where belief systems and survival patterns are being established.
Problems like fears, compulsive behaviors, enormous anger, sexual problems, identity problems, etc. can be traced in birth and also be resolved there.
The differences between the various kinds of birth have to be taken into consideration.
Spontaneous birth.
Crash birth – birth with extreme length of time.
Birth by vacuum extractor or forceps.
Birth head first or back or bottom/legs.
Narcotics and drugs administered during birth.
Caesarian birth.
Shock of Mother and Baby (always combined).
Birth ending with either Mother’s or Baby death.
Great influence comes from the surroundings of the baby as from the doctors and midwifes, nurses, etc.
I will do a demonstration of a special birth session which I call a ‘body parts’ session.
It is a short session during which we go through the birth and find in every part of the body as it is coming out the belief patterns.
As it is a short detailed session we can do it with every interested participant of the presentation who has already worked his/her own birth.
If we have time and if there is interest, I will also shortly refer to:

Birth and Prenatal in Past Lives – The importance of these events

Past Life Death during theses two phases.
I will give examples and explain the impacts of these traumata.
Mother dying during Prenatal – implicates the death of the baby.
Baby dying during Prenatal.
Mother dying at Birth.
Baby dying at Birth.
Special belief systems and twisted survival patters are created.Vanishing twin syndrome is the identification of a multifetal gestation with subsequent disappearance of one or more fetuses. Vanishing twin syndrome has been diagnosed more frequently since the use of ultrasonography in early pregnancy. In vitro fertilization techniques have improved the understanding of vanishing twin syndrome because these pregnancies are closely monitored, and the number of implanted fertilized eggs is known. Research from an European series of pregnancies associated with assisted reproductive technology show that 10-15% of singleton births were initially twin gestations.

In vanishing twin syndrome, there may be complete reabsorption of a fetus, formation of a fetus papyraceus (ie, a “mummified” or compressed fetus), or development of a subtle abnormality on the placenta such as a cyst, subchorionic fibrin, or amorphous material.

When we work with RT we will for sure find this theme in our practice, in this presentation we will discuss about the womb twin survivor and the complex that may exist connected with the traumatic experience of loss in the womb.

There is an increasing interest on this theme, an association was found in UK, Womb Twin Survivors -, they say that “the main problem with being a womb twin survivor is a sense of loneliness and isolation.”

We know as RT that this is not  only the case,  because memories from the twin (or twins) can stay attached to the survivor in different levels and we will discuss how to understand and release these memories. I will present two cases and if we have a subject do a demonstration.This is an in-depth, experiential workshop providing practical tools and methods to access and work with prenatal and perinatal experiences. The focus is on locating, processing, releasing the past and recovering the authentic Self.

The workshop includes:

*  Different methods to position the client so they can effectively access

prenatal and perinatal experiences

*  Methods to contain the client’s experience in time

*  Abortion issues from the experience of the mother and the embryo/fetus

*  The issue of impulse or choice in the selection of bodies

*  Trans-gender choices and accidents

*  Tracing drug addiction to inutero and birth experiences

*  Consequences and aspects of suicide in the life before this life

*  Methods to detach from the victim position

*  Methods for releasing guilt and blame

*  Re framing and resolution in the present

*  Recovering original essence and the authentic Self.Can Trauma Psychology and Pre-natal Psychology, as a science, help regression therapists in their practice?

The answer is positive. The findings from research, both psychological and medical, empower therapist in their work with trauma in general and intra-uterine and peri-natal trauma, and may give them insights and new windows to open. We will follow a path starting with the grounded findings of Trauma Psychology, and Thomas Verny, David Chamberlain, Stanislav Grof in the field of Pre-natal Psychology.

This lecture/workshop it will be an opportunity to update or revise relevant subjects in our field, and to discuss them between colleagues.

A power point and videos will be used to illustrate explanations.[page id=”2307″]

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)