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2022 EARTh Annual Convention, Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Bridging Spirituality and Science in Regression Therapy This generous title hopes to bring a new perspective on the complex world of Regression Therapy. The highly efficient methods and techniques employed in Regression […]

2019 EARTh Annual Convention, Marienthal, Germany

Annual Convention 2019 Annual Convention 2019 The Aftermath of War– Resurrection and Completion EARTh Association for Regression Therapy is happy to announce the theme of the Annual Convention July 13 – […]

2016 EARTh Annual Convention, Elatochori, Greece.

Home to the Muses: How to Be Inspired by Nature, Arts and Archetypes in Regression Therapy. Elatochori, Greece, July 9-17, 2016 Pre-Convention Workshops Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) CLEARING THE CHANNELS OF INSPIRATION: How to be […]

2015 EARTh Annual Convention, Dublin, Ireland.

EXPLORING EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES Dublin, Ireland, June 20-26, 2015 Pre-Convention Workshops Hans TenDam (The Netherlands) Parasitic Thought Forms: A new approach to compulsive and obsessive behavior  Marion Boon (The Netherlands) Light and Shadow work:Holographic dimensions and the […]

2013 EARTh Annual Convention, Roosta, Estonia.

FMS: FEMININITY, MASCULINITY AND SEXUALITY What regression experiences teach us and how they can heal and empower us Roosta Estonia, July 8-12, 2013 Pre-Convention Workshop Pavel Gyngazov, M.D. (Russia) & […]

2012 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“Beyond Guilt and Shame: Helping people to Unlock their Inner Resources” Pre-Convention Workshops. Athanasios Komianos & Andromache (Greece) – Hypnoscopesis: Integrating ancient Greek techniques into regression therapy Trisha Caetano (USA) […]

2010 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“PRENATAL AND BIRTH EXPERIENCES” “Finding traumas and resources in regressions to the beginning of the present life.” Pre-Convention Workshop Morris Netherton (USA) – “Resolving trauma in pre-natal and birth experience” […]

2009 EARTh Annual Convention, Kleve, Germany.

“LIFE ORIENTATION” Helping people to find out where they are, where they want to go, and what they are doing here Pre-Convention Training Ulrich Kramer (Germany) – “Personality Development Techniques”: […]

2008 EARTh Annual Convention, Faro, Portugal.

“Embodiment: Manifesting the Soul on Earth” Pre-Annual Convention Training Marion Boon (Netherlands): “Full Embodiment: How to Help People to Really Own Their Body” Annual Convention Workshops Ulrich Kramer (Germany): Understanding and […]