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The Extraterrestrial Officer by Pavel Gyngazov

Pavel3Zoya Ivanovna cassette 266 – 267, Tomsk.


– At one, I want you to ask to look at the earliest embodiment on the Earth, or at the last in another civilization.

– It is something very mobile, similar maybe to a power field, but rather large. I feel that I am a very mobile figure, in a capsule of yellow – golden color.

– What is the space around you, is it cosmic space, or power one?

– Cosmic space, I move in it with a huge velocity.

– What is the purpose of you driving? Try to differentiate and to feel your body, its boundaries.

– It is an interesting feeling, this is some ethereal creature moving in space, without legs, it simply moves. The figure is similar to human, but at the same time I am transparent. Here there is no terrestrial space, and generally, any material space, thought it is not that space, where Soul departs after living a body. There are hardly distinctive stars very far away. It as a black sky, transparency extending far, slightly flashing with star points flashing.

– Try to find the beginning of life of this essence.

– I see now an unidentified flying object, it is in space, I come back to it.

– What do you see and feel in it? Who else is in it?

– I see badly here, everything around is vague. This flying object is like the most classical disk, but it is rigidly constructed, as we have got used in the physical world.

– Can you pass through it at any place?

– Yes, I can.

– It may be rigidly constructed, but you have an ability to pass through physical barriers?

– I am a very ethereal creature. I see some bunches of energy, inside they are not constructed as human bodies.

– Don’t you have an expressed human image?

– No, I don’t, and these creatures around – are my fellow – tribesmen as through I “work” here.

– What is your purpose, what are you in this spaceship, what is your age in the meaning of this civilization?

– I am rather young and I am a spy or researcher.

– Have you got a name, or number, how do they address you?

– It is difficult for me to transmit it, here the information is not verbal, but by analogy with human concepts, I am an “Officer”.

– Now let’s return to the beginning of your research life.

– We are now in cosmic space, but the purpose is the Earth. We arrived not only in a “disk”, but also separately, in power capsules similar to that I was in the beginning. The area, where I was, is the area of the south; anyway, the climate here is tropical. Everything around is bright green, the sun is bright too. It is a shore of the sea, it is very light – blue, shining, playing under the sun. This is a time of young civilization, and I am ethereal observer. I see a stone city; the buildings are not similar to those customary for modern human eye. It may be South America. These buildings are similar to those ancient cities discovered there now.

– What are you here for? What do you watch? It is not your first visit to the Earth, is it? Does your civilization somehow manage an evolutionary development of the planet? Do you see there South – American pyramids?

– There are no pyramids in the city, where I am now.

– What city is it? Describe it, please.

– It must be the South America, people have a reddish skin, black hair and they almost nude, with a band covering the hips. They do not notice me; they are engaged in the matters. They are walking around the city square. I move – I fly. I do not go. I enter a building, there are open apertures of windows and doors, in it they are not closed. I enter an aperture. This is a dwelling of a governor, or another high rank person of this city. I “read” information from man’s head.

– What does it give you?

– In this way I find out character of people, outlooks, and at the same time I can send in a telepathic way imperceptibly for man information, bringing knowledge imperceptible for him. I should bring such knowledge to high-rank people. We search for people of authority; it is knowledge about the Universe cosmic structure, about a place on the Earth in relation to other worlds.

– Now you know the place on the Earth in space structure, can you tell me about it?

– In simple words I’ll give drawings of the night sky. Separately pulsing planets are active points. They exist where there are centers interested in them. They emit pulses – contacts.

– How many of them can you see?

– I see a triangle here. It is extended as a scheme in the picture. The lower angle of this triangle is the Earth and its wide foundation is the space we have come from.

– Have you got any competitors, enemies in the cosmic space?

– I give information to the Earth about one more planet, but we exchange information. But it is somehow secondary information; the main one is to inform the people of the Earth about us.

– What is the name of your planet system?

– It is Kutika. I implement a map – scheme into the man consciousness.

– Can you see it yourself?

– It is in front of me.

– Who is the person you give this information to?

– He owns the city and is considered to be the most educated person here.

– It’s not your first contact with him, is it?

– No, it isn’t.

– Has he a sensation of your presence?

– This civilization practices meditation. I come into process of meditation he gets into trance and contacts me. For this civilization such contacts are normal. There is official time for such contacts with space consciousness revelation. We knew it beforehand and when we arrived, we had already known it and we came to contact at these periods of meditation. I can enter different strata of consciousness. People have practice of dialogues with different terrestrial worlds.

– What does the latter mean?

– It means that not only among people, but also with animals, plants, stones, and invisible energies. But only selected people do this. They are selected due to such dialogues.

– Do you promote the development of such abilities in people?

– No, we do not. They have these abilities initially, and we land just in this area of the Earth. We should introduce knowledge using these people. Our planet where the intellect exists has another embodiment, power existence. And so the terrestrial form is parallel and does not affect our depth interests. We are bunches of energy, knowledge, our existence is knowledge and cognition.

– What else do you do on the planet?

– This dialogue with human consciousness through its meditative images is a mode of penetration into different strata of consciousness, intellect energy of the Earth It is mutual information.

– What do you need to transmit this information? What do want to say?

– There is a law, information law, enrichment of information, it is an infinite process, it’s the form of existence in space. We obey this law as well as mankind. In this sense we are uniform. Comprehension of this structures of the Earth, poorly exhibited, that does not exist in our civilization. It is the form of variety and we should come into contact for mutual enrichment and completeness.

– Has your civilization on Kutika any other civilizations that you look after and develop?

– I wouldn’t say that we look after and develop a terrestrial civilization, because there is no idea of a “younger brother” in our understanding because of another form of existence. The originality of the Earth may consist in varieties of embodiments: multi stepped and multi-plane spiritual life and all this looks like a play of a rainbow, it’s very beautiful.

– Please, describe how you can see it now.

– I rather see the whole Earth, if to present in material, but not phenomenal reality.

– And what about noumenal one?

– Yes, it is inexpressible, great number of colors. I see it now. The picture is inexpressible and it may be joyful luminescence, it is not an ill organism, there is a lot of life force in it. And if we return to the concept of a “younger brother” my civilization is one aspect of this number of colors of the earth. And this structure of the Earth is more intellectual, more rational.

– If I get you right, the luminescence of the Earth is more diverse than that of your planet due to the variety of physical species?

– Yes, the variety of species give the most different physical impulses and this substance are like an infinite source of power replenishment. The junction of the material and spiritual is the force and originality of the earth, its unusual manifestation in space.

– Is such a sensation in Zoya Ivanovna’s life familiar to you?

– No, the Earth as joyful multi-color entity is not present, certainly.

– I asked you about other civilizations you look after besides the terrestrial one.

– There are some, but all the universe is alive, and therefore wherever we are there can be different manifestations of existence. There is one more interesting point, this self-comprehension of the given form, a look at itself, reflection and so on. From the terrestrial point of view it may be a civilization. If the people of the Earth imagine Mars, it seems without life and civilization, because as they imagine there is no converter of the world and a person, but there is a passive intellect.

– Have you been to Mars? Do you perceive this planet? Is it the same bright and alive, is anything different?

– Using images, Mars in relation to the Earth is an old, tired wise man. It has accumulated energy which is heavy, but not aggressive, and slow. It is possible to say that the Earth is a young creation, and Mars is an old man in  a black-red light.

– Have you any information about the history of Mars? Was there a civilization? How did it end?

– Well, life on Mars still exists, but it is not like that on the Earth. Inanimate stones on the Earth have spirits too, but their energy is static. It’s another mode of existence, another way of accumulation of space energy. The originality of the Earth is the energy self – generation, but Mars is a magnet attracting space energy, which makes the planet heavy.

– Has this existed since the planet origin or was there something different at the beginning?

– I see pictures of physical movement and tacks similar to those of human civilization.

– Have you visited Mars, landed there? Have you taught the creatures on Mars like people of the Earth?

– Personally I haven’t, but I know about it, and I can connect to the knowledge of my planet.

– Please do. I envy you, now you have unlimited access to knowledge!

– It is interesting. Everything is red there: atmosphere, creatures – they look unlike local ones, as if they were sent there, they are robots.

– Were they sent by your civilization or not?

– No, we didn’t send. It’s not necessary for us.

– Why aren’t you interested in this?

– Mars is a large power store. Energy is everywhere and in the ground, it’s like on Earth.

– What do these robots look like?

– They resemble people, but when I tried to see how they feed themselves, they neither ate nor reproduced naturally. Thus I made a conclusion they were robots.

– OK, have you got information where they are from?

– They have been programmed, they do not have wires, but they are controlled by programs. They collect pieces of rocks, blow them up and send by rockets to their planet.

– Is this the explanation for Martian canals?

– No, they work digging caves. Then they enter the physical rocket (not like our plates) one by one like soldiers.

– What do they need to depart for if they are robots?

– They enter for some reason. Their ship is made of a rigid substance, it looks like a capsule. Their program of launch and flight goes automatically, depends on Mars rotation on its orbit and such a mechanism, when the planet is in definite position to definite stars. When all coincides a signal is sent and they enter their capsules – rockets. The mechanism is launched and they start.

– Can you say where they fly to?

– There is such a constellation, that people of the Earth call Orion. It’s a planet called Five A. and there is a civilization very similar to the terrestrial one.

– Why do they fly so far away to collect energy? Don’t they have anything similar, but closer to them?

– Yes, they have a material civilization and they have found a material mode of transition in Space, but people of the Earth in that place where we land have already had an ability to have a material body and to travel in thin worlds. And in this civilization the level of spirit is very thin and they cannot do this. Material dominates much moiré than on Earth, when I speak about it. Though later the terrestrial civilization will choose another path, the people of the Earth will exploit their material side rather than spiritual one. These creatures from” Five A” have learnt to extract in a geometrical progression some energy from a small amount by purposeful effect on the extracted minerals. A large flare of energy, which serves the basis for their material progress, but these, are very insignificant stores of such minerals on their planet.

– Is it something like uranium?

– Yes, something of this sort.

– Then red Mars is a uranium planet?

– Yes. Generally, there are plenty of ways to obtain this amount of energy from various minerals in Nature, but their civilization knows only this way. And there is a lot of energy obtained after affecting the rocks delivered, which justifies their far trips.

– Is it much older than the Earth civilizations? Many civilizations have changed on the Earth as if in parallel. So our civilization is neither the last nor the first, is it?

– Yes.

– Are you on the planet “Five A”?

– Now I’m on the Earth, but I read out the information form recordings of our planet.

– Can you describe representatives of this planet? Is such information absent?

– As to their appearance they have little similarity with people of the Erath, they no human features. But as to biological essence and nature they are similar in a global sense. Internal biological processes resemble those of the humans.

– Have they got any form? Can you describe them?

– Yes. I get knowledge that they do not have sense organs, which people have. On the one hand they hear, they see different wave lengths and they have sight different from that of humans. They are deprived of color images. The video series are structured differently. I now see the outline of some stripped structure in their range. Though from the terrestrial point of view, it has both color and form. That is, if one looks at the same subject, the human beings will see a strict form in color, but they see something vibrating, stripped, and colorless.

– Is it like power luminescence?

– No, it isn’t. As Zoya Ivanonva, I have read that bugs see in a similar way. These creatures walk upright; have three fingers, no shoulders. They have extremities, but not from shoulders, they have legs. They consume food and get energy from it. The system of digestion is similar to that of humans. They differ in sex, give birth to children, but I do not see this process.

– Have they families, state, hierarchy?

– The picture is going away.

– OK, let’s return again to the man on the Erath, whom you gave the scheme of constellation and the location on the Kutika planet.

– I switched to the information field on my planet from here.

– How long have you been on the Erath? You have said that there were other civilizations on the Earth? Have you got information about those prior to ours?

– For some reason I still want to say that I am here with this man because he has an ability to see this world. And my task was to show and to deliver him to us, but not to the “plate”. It is like to transfer my knowledge of the essence of our civilization to him, but not as verbal knowledge, rather a sensation. It’s called mute knowledge. He accepts this knowledge.

– Does he understand where it comes from? Does he feel your presence? Does he communicate with you?

– Yes, he can communicate even with energies of plants. In a power aspect it’s a very developed civilization. These abilities for the elite are normal He is one of the strongest in this aspect. Their goal is to embody such type of a space variety and greatness. By the time we are here, they have reached the bloom of their abilities in this aspect and by this time the harmony of material and spiritual has already begun to fail at the expense of spiritual activity dominance. They are loosing interest in physical side; it’s the reason for a visible exterior, for consequent civilizations, destruction of this civilization.

– Though in reality it is on the contrary, isn’t it?

– Yes, but in the end it causes degeneration of a physical substratum in consequent generations, and they fail. This civilization has reached apogee, and this is the beginning of the end, because a wear of material occurs.

– What is your estimation of such a development as an officer?

– We consider this to be an infinite process in the universe, it is natural.

– Has your civilization, Officer, passed through this process developing spirituality, has it lost its physical body?

– Not like this. Our civilization was initially power spiritual. I wanted to say about terrestrial originality in an infinite space swirl in confluence of the material and spiritual with infinite variations of one or another and both substances together, and in all civilizations here there are variants of interaction of these beginnings and they are always together. But our civilization has no stable material form, as mankind has. We can gain these forms by energy concentration, but all the same the terrestrial substance is also energetic, but here there is a qualitatively other type of interaction.

– OK, Officer, do you remember me asking you a question “: What civilizations on the Earth are prior to ours? Can you switch to the information field of Kutika again?

– Yes, and now when I’m there all this is South America.

– Is it our civilization or any previous?

– It is the one call Maya now. It is already declining. Their former abilities when they glide and transfer in space were not fixed and the only tracks of decline reached the modern mankind.

– So it was not fixed in the memory of the later generations, was it?

– Right, because the highest form of development of this civilization when spiritual, not material abilities belong to all people, but to a lesser degree, than the elite. In a phase of decline – only the elite had them. The info only about this phase has reached.

– Can you look at the dawn of this civilization’ Maya”? Is there any difference in the power field of the Earth at the beginning and at the end?

– Well, at a power level there is dominance of light shining radiation in this place. When I spoke about the image of the Earth It was like a macro image, independent of the duration of past centuries. These are variants; it’s the essence of the Erath in this variety of the forms, in the phase of Maya’s boom and decline. And here now there are variants of the same luminescence. It’s the essence of the Earth and it doesn’t vary. I see that at the beginning there were people with reddish skin, and now the skin lighter, and people are taller (larger). But the man I communicate has a well – built slim figure, reddish skin, but the majority of people in the city are lighter with their body structure sort of broken, as if in the process of degeneration. But it is in the phase of a body structure boom, and the same time from the point of view of later generations freedom of communication of the body. To be more exact the working body produced this energy. It’s like a mechanism, a motor, a furnace for energy generation and they purposefully send it. They are registers of power interaction. The people thinly owned the registers, were capable to speak with plants and other objects. They understood them being adjusted to their frequencies of radiation, understood the state of plants they communicated with. This is ability to penetrate into power field without breaking it, but touching its power stratum. Thus the interaction of such “many worlds” was carried out on the Earth.

– Can you now analyze how a modern can again find this lost ability of understanding?

– How to put it… We speak about people now, this ability ahs been blocked in them by long development of generations. This possibility exists, but its mechanism is blocked. The deblocking is possible only in case of hard work of the man: to watch the sensation very thinly, to fix. In the modern civilization there are people capable to feel these worlds, but they should be extracted from their community (socium), otherwise a distortion will take place, because the socium consumes a huge mass of energy. Two doors cannot be open simultaneously.

– It means that such an ability is beyond the limits of the modern man, isn’t it?

– It can be at a sensation level, Communication is hardly possible. Because with Maya this penetration was constructive, they could talk to these worlds. They had an ability to give and to accept such power information from all strata and to all strata. Roughly, they talked; it was communication of mutual dialogue with all phenomena of the surrounding world.

– But can the modern man undertake any attempts, to harmonize himself with nature?

– I think that all the same it should develop by inner work of the modern man. Initially it will be given simply as a sense’. There will be a larger power sensation of the object field. With animals this contact will be easier, more natural, with plants the sensation will be less, the sensation from an inorganic nature will be much smaller: that is harmonized – not harmonized, active – not active. It will be exhibited at the level of man’s sensation at listening to his inner voice and the surrounding nature. It is necessary simply to listen to your inner voice, to leave the social surroundings. But now it seems, that for to me for such an embodiment people need another type of inner concentration.

– OK, let’s continue. What else can you say about this embodiment?

– It is my personal experience and becoming, enrichment due to touching this variety it is “feed” and my contribution to the general development of my civilization.

– Look, please, how you end your life, and how long you live, according to Terrestrial standards?

– It is approximately the same as on Earth, but with an essential correction, that on the Earth it is connected with a decay of the body – material side. At death, the partition of the biological basis of power essence takes place, and then the confluence of the power essence with the information field, which is around the Earth, occurs. And on our planet, as we stay in ether existence, there is a law governing our existence. The store of our energy and force is not eternal, there is such a paradox – accumulation of knowledge is the increase of energy, but, at the some time, there is a sensation, that it “winding mechanism” more and more… And, I do not know how to say it, but it is very similar to what happens on the Earth, only not in material embodiment.

– Do you feel it?

– Yes. It is like knowledge and experience increase, and, roughly speaking, it becomes hard to have this knowledge. It is difficult to keep it in the uniform form; the fatigue of the form is felt. So the moment, when there is a sensation of necessity to destruct this unity. And at the same time, this destruction is not absolute, because it is a confluence and a new arrangement, and it is the birth of something new, with a new charge.

– Is there a sensation of the birth of something new?

– Yes, but… It is difficult it to explain, but I feel it, but I don’t know how to tell! There should be some “winding mechanism a spring”. I do not know how to say how it is made.

– Basic power supply? Why it is necessary for an animated organism?

– To start the new mechanism, it is again an accumulation of energy, experience, all the circle repast.

– Let us trace the life of the Officer. You make a family, are they in your civilization? Or do you simply study and accumulate energy, simply bring good?

– Much on the Earth, including the concept: of good is very strongly predetermined by the dual substantivity of the terrestrial embodiment – material and spiritual.

– The duality means initially bad – good, kind malicious doesn’t it?

– It occurs because people have material and spiritual beginnings, and this is an originality of the mankind, hence – kind and malicious, all the mythology.

– Spiritual – is good, material – is evil, isn’t it?

– This is a myth, that spring, which causes the development of the mankind. It is an antinomy – internal contradiction, which is a drive of the development, a continuous source. And different civilizations on the Earth are different combination of these beginnings. A lack of vividly expressed material side defines an originality of our civilization, and hence the socialities, all the institutes of social life are poorly expressed. We are more rational, because the poetry of terrestrial civilizations is also based on an collision of spiritual and material.

– Tell me, please, right the beginning of our work I asked you to look through one of last non – terrestrial embodiments. How long have you been in these spaces after death of the Officer?

– It is even difficult to imagine that it was I! My present consciousness embraces it with difficulty.

– Is the space, you got into after the death of the Officer common with that which you got into after leaving the physical body of the Terrestrial embodiment. Or are there any sectors, departments, where the Souls from definite worlds gather? I ask this question for the first time, it comes into my mind for the first time.

– Well, well…

– What does it mean “well”?

I cannot separate from Zoya Ivanovna, I use logic instead of, being immersed in sensations. If I, Zoya Ivanovna, am there, it means there is a uniform space – I began so logically at once.

Is this logic reasoning superimposed on the knowledge, you received during the session? Remove your rationality!

– It is a feeling of being tired, weight and as though it is possible to include this image are to included into the felling of unity, isolation, separation, that which capsulated and took the form of the Officer. All the same there is a separation from the world and comprehension of something independent. And this form, is twisted around of the power center, something holds around, and it is the image of the whole world construction – everything holds and rotates around some kernel, both in the universe, and in a cell. It is the universal principle of the world organization. And I, Officer, exist in the same way. The forces untwisted in me, obtained from knowledge or experience, extend and extend, and at some moment entropy forces it become dominant above forces of unification, and destroy this unity as such, the body disintegrates. It is called dust on the Earth. And all the same, it is given to me now, I am in an embodiment there, on Kutika, though in relation to terrestrial I a little substantial, but in relation to Soul, I am more material too. I see, when this disintegration happens, my own ether body leaves me. The power substratum, of which my body consisted of, is subject to disintegration and destruction. On the Earth, it is like the second and third stages of disintegration, and there it is this disintegration at once. Rough material side of terrestrial should pass some stages of disintegration to reach that power condition, into which a body substratum from Kutika comes at once. This whole planet is like ether, but condensed into a body substratum, after Soul separating, it enters the structure of the planet and disintegrates in it.

– You have died more than once during these session, look at the routes of disembodied soul of creature of another planetary system and the routes of soul of a terrestrial creature. Are they different? Or is it the common place for all Souls?

– Anyway, I have got a sense of pleasure, the process of death is natural, easy, simple, but at the same time there is a sense of freedom. After a body there is sense of accumulated tiredness. I think that to use the terrestrial word “place”, here is impossible, I would say: “nowhere – everywhere”. This is the same, the nature of space is the same.

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