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Hollenberg’s point of view on Regression Therapy.

 Heleen Hollenberg’s contribution to the EARTh Panel Discussion on September 22nd 2022

Today, the world is in crisis: a climate crisis, an environmental crisis, and a psychological crisis: in NL 5% of all people are suffering from depression per year and 17% of the working population per year is suffering from burn-out. In the US these numbers are 5% for depression (the same) and even worse for burnout: 52% of the working population per year! Shocking! And why? Well, we have to perform enormously all our lives: as small kids our parents want us to be te first to walk, first to talk or be the first to know all colors of the rainbow. As we grow older we have to be the best in school, in sports, in arts or whatever. As adults we have to be successful at work, be good mums and dads, have plenty of money, have an active social life, find the highest love, and live big and captivating. More and more people cannot live up to all these expectations. Is it strange so many of us are getting tired and unhappy? To feel better we need comfortable houses, big cars and lots of things, to go on holiday, go to festivals and theme parks and use alcohol and drugs. For this we need lots of raw materials and energy, causing climate and environmental crisis. While the solution is simple: just be happy with who we are. Then we feel good and don’t need all of this stuff. Just a simple life. But how do we find out who we are? We are so busy performing that we don’t pay attention to how we feel. We don’t listen to our hearts. So we forget what we really want, who we really are. I think this is the root cause of all problems, the personal crises and the world crises that we are facing today as mankind. To solve these, we have to become aware of who we are. Here RT can play an important role, because with RT clients start to listen to their feelings, their body, their heart and they discover things about themselves that they never knew before. As such, RT is more than an effective therapy: it is a way to find out who you truly are. And in general, RT could be used to find out who we are as humans and as souls. I dare to say it is essentially a research method.

Does that make RT a science of its own? If you look at what science essentially is, a way to seek truth through experience and reasoning, using models of reality, I’d say yes, for sure. But if you look at what science is in practice, I’d say no. Why? Well, once, when I was a student of Molecular Science, I was very disappointed in science. I had started my studies with questions like “what is life?” and “where do we come from”, but I discovered that science is not even seeking an answer to these questions, because they don’t fit into the materialistic model. So science limits itself to practical questions like: “how can we manipulate this bacteria such, that it makes yoghurt even faster”. Later on I was frustrated with the scientific method: my scientific supervisors didn’t allow me to use the word “I” in my thesis, because it wouldn’t be objective. I had to write like: “the following measurements were done”, while it was obvious that I had done those measurements. It felt very sterile and impersonal to me, as if the I, the very essence of life, was not even allowed to exist. That’s why I think scientists will not accept a new science like RT, in which the soul is central and that uses a method in which emotions, feelings and intuition play a crucial role, for the soul is not material and emotions, feelings and intuition are not objective. I think this will not change easily: the scientific stronghold is very conservative. I have seen it from the inside as a student and from several friends who were scientific researchers: New ideas or results that contradict the existing models can hardly, or actually not, be published. And as I have pointed out in my presentation yesterday: Even the results of hard physics experiments, that cannot be explained with the materialistic model, have not changed the scientific worldview in the 100 years that they are known. Which is logical, because ,why would scientists change the model with which they are feeling safe for already 400 years? But more importantly, why would we as RT therapists want RT to become scientific? For it would only limit us to adapt to the materialistic model and scientific method.

To be honest, I think the reason many of us want RT to be scientific is that we are craving recognition. Which is understandable, because the thinking behind our therapy is not taken seriously at best and even more ridiculed by most people. But then, we let ourselves be guided by our anger and frustration, which only leads us to waste our energy. So instead of focusing on recognition, we’d better focus on our strength to help solve the world crises. How?

Most of all: believe in yourself. We are the practitioners of a very powerful, new method, that can give us the answers to questions that really matter, in particular the question of who we are. Science can’t, as long as scientists are holding on to the materialistic model. Personally I think science is at a dead end, whereas RT is the future. Where scientists were the pioneers 600 years ago, challenging the Christian worldview, we are among the pioneers right now, challenging the materialistic worldview. I sense that many of you are looking up towards science. I hope I made it clear to you that is completely unnecessary.

What more can we do to help solve the world crises? Keep being great therapists that are working from the heart. Know that you are doing important work. Remember that every session will give us more insight into mankind and the soul and with that will create more awareness. Some of us may want to help as many clients as possible, while others may put emphasis on writing books or giving courses or lectures to bring more awareness. And keep raising your own awareness, because the more aware you are, the more problems you have solved of yourself, the more clients you can help. How can you raise your awareness? Share knowledge and experiences with colleagues, for instance on Earth congresses J But what really works is just to be curious and then the answers will come.


We don’t need recognition. We don’t need PR. We are not the ones in need. We are the ones that are very much needed in a world that’s in crisis. With this mindset, I’m sure clients will come naturally to you, and they will notice RT works. I think RT has a great future. A future in which people will eventually live happily and in harmony with each other and nature.

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Athanasios Komianos
Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) & Certified Regression Therapist (CRT)