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Here you will find all the approved schools by EARTh that offer advanced training programs in regression therapy.

Past Life Regression Academy Advanced Workshops

Become a Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist.

Learn to guide a person directly into the Spirit Realm to reconnect with their divine self, discuss soul progress on a one-on-one with their Spirit Guide and Elders, experience first-hand the continuum of soul energy, and fully understand the lessons in this life. The requirements are a hypnosis and RT qualification. qualification.
Internet Classroom training or home study training you can do from your home, no traveling needed


Join us for this advanced training to enhance your skill set with powerful Hypnotherapy techniques. This includes Parts Therapy, Belief Testing, Emo Trance, Colour Therapy, Fractionation and the Control Room of the Mind. We also look at how to structure your scripts and multiple sessions with clients. Lots of swap sessions and an opportunity to clear a few extra layers of personal ‘stuff’ in the process.

Classroom and Internet Classroom training you can do from your home, no traveling needed

Learn how to use the energetic vortex and other energy techniques for quickly clearing a wide range of intrusive energy. This includes psychic attacks, curses, black magic, thought forms, elementals, obsessive spirit attachments and energy from other dimensions and planes of existence.
Internet Classroom training you can do from your home, no traveling needed

The skillset needed to deliver effective therapy training is complex and requires trainers to think critically, interact positively with students and manage complex group dynamics. The training landscape is becoming crowded and trainers need to re-skill to maintain their edge in this competitive market. Open to regression therapists wanting to be trainers and existing trainers.

The Council of Beings of Light have shared techniques for living and working in the new consciousness. These are effective methods of using energies in a powerful, harmonic way in this new dimension. This intensive 7-day training is highly practical, and includes lecture, interactive discussion, demonstrations and practice sessions. The training will be supervised by the Council of Beings of Light through intuitive direction and interactive channelling.

Tasso Institute
Postgraduate Workshops

All our postgraduate workshops can be given as 2-day or 3-day workshops. The number indicated is the minimum number of days.

The core issue is the most fundamental one of our actual problems, and the most actual of our fundamental problems. The workshop teaches

  • When and why doing a core issue session
  • How to identify someone’s greatest actual challenge, the principal problem or the main choice or the main chance, and resolve it in a single session.
  • Five ways to identify and address the core issue and achieve core issue transformation.
  • How to deal with frightening and dark, monstrous, beastly or demonic presences, if they appear.
  • How to find out what they really are and why they are there.
  • How to definitely resolve such influences.
  • Self-protection: neither affected nor infected
  • Dealing with old and new voodoo, with sacrifices and curses.
  • When and how to check clients beforehand or at key moments.

Compulsive-obsessive disorders result from disturbing subpersonalities or attachments – or they correspond to parasitic thought forms.

  • Where, when and how to find such thought forms and identify them properly.
  • Common kinds; understanding their genesis.; understanding their dynamics.
  • Defusing them and resorbing the energy of runaway mental constructs.

Positive thought forms; ideals, magic.

In regression, including the body is essential to anchor the regression process and its results. So regressing to experiences more or less out of the body requires special care and special techniques. The results may be spectacular, both spiritual and physical.

Working with clients that have personality disorders is difficult, challenging and often disappointing. This provides insight in borderline personality disorder and related disorders

You will learn and exercise:

  • Practical therapeutical techniques.
  • Your pitfalls as a therapist; preventing escalation and maintaining a useful therapeutic relationship.
  • How to recognize and handle transference and countertransference.

This includes experiences of concussion and loss of consciousness. The effects are much greater than anyone knows. This makes this kind of the work very surprisingl and very effective.

  • How to check for residues of such experiences
  • The particular form of regression in these experiences
  • Removing the psychic and bodily residues

Before the first time in a human body on earth, we may find many different experiences. most often without a body, but also extraterrestrial or animal. These experiences influence our depest attitudes about being here in human body. Exploring the how and possibly the why of the transition and of the first traumas after the transition gives many eye-openers and may resolve persistent background problems.

For people who feel deeply alienated: not at home in their family, or in society, or on this planet, or in their body, in a human body, in any body.

  • How to conduct a homing session.
  • How to ground clients without losing the catharsis.

Explores the relationship between the soul and the present personality, between the present personality and past personalities and between the present personality and subpersonalities. The concepts of soul fragments and soul dust are explained and how this can help to make personal therapy and personal exploration more effective and more rewarding. Every insight is based on regression experiences.

A simple and surprisingly interesting way to explore all positive and negative charges on body parts, including discovering attached energies and past-life charges. Plenty of exercises.